Loneliness, A Deadly Disease

The fear of isolation and loneliness pervades every character in this powerful play. It is a commentary on modern times even though it was written during the 1950's.

There is lots of data that demonstrates the fact that anxiety and loneliness exist at epidemic levels today. Even small children experience the kinds of anxieties usually associated with adulthood. This is attributed to the frail social support system in which modern people live. Communities, which many years ago were stable and unchanging, are now characterized by the fact that people constantly move away. The result is that there is no sense of community or neighborliness because no one lives in any area long enough to form strong ties. For the same reasons, the family has greatly weakened as social mobility has brought about the break up of the extended and even the nuclear family.

To further exacerbate the problems of lack of social connectedness and toxic talk, is the fact that people, especially men, are told to bury and their feelings. The use of anti depressant and anti anxiety drugs has increased dramatically worldwide. These drugs along with psychotherapy are valuable tools in the fight against mental illness.

The Medieval Poet, John Dunne, wrote that "no man is an island," meaning that we all need one another. Human beings are social creatures and fare better when interacting with others through friendship, family and community involvement.

Do you isolate your self or do you try to be socially interactive? Your comments are encouraged.