Post-Cognitive Psychotherapy

People who follow Mental Help Net's progress, will have noticed our new Podcast titled Wise Counsel, and hosted by Dr. David Van Nuys. The idea behind Wise Counsel is to interview people whose work influences - or whose lives have been touched by - mental health and wellness issues. We've got four shows up now, with new shows being published approximately every two weeks.

came out in 1991 (!). Doesn't that title sound like something that Dr. Young might have written last year? Back in those dark days when I was still wet behind the ears in graduate school and Schema Therapy was but a gleam in Dr. Young's eye, Dr. Horowitz was already busy building a bridge spanning object relations and cognitive psychology. I'm going to invite Dr. Horowitz to do an interview with us for Wise Counsel soon. If we're lucky and he'll do it, I think that'd be an interesting show.