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Bipolar – A Narration of Manic Depression

Kathryn Patricelli, MA was an editor with from 2004-2015. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services, and holds a Bachelor’s ...Read More

We wanted to bring your attention to a new movie that we learned about.

Bipolar is an experimental short movie presented by Misfit Media & Schwarze Dose 28. Written and directed by Daniel Ruczko and Florian Kelm. Bipolar is entirely shot in split screen.

It follows a manic-depressive author called Andrew Gony. The movie shows Andrew in both mental stages, to visualize that the splitscreen is used, on the left side you see the manic Andrew and at the same time on the right side you can see the depressive Andrew, and how he reacts to different events in both phases.

Both sides have different things to deal with, the manic Andrew has lots of energy and ideas, he doesn’t require much sleep and in order to deal with his overage of energy he runs, the depressive Andrew is suffering from insomnia, is uncreative, non productive and in battle with his inner self.

“Bipolar – A Narration of Manic Depression” Trailer from Misfit Media on Vimeo.

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