Natural SPEED Rap for Kids – Part I: Building Stress Resilience

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Mom is overload edgy
Dad is big boss upset
Sis is boyfriend angry
And you’re in a sweat!

The in-crowd at school
Shoves you to the side
While they pass by so cool
You wish you could hide…


Panic and terror
Like lightning and thunder
Where is a big rock
For me to crawl under?

But charging down the hall
A mad bull in heat
As you feel so small
Resigned to defeat…

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The schoolyard bully
Laughing at your fear
Taking your lunch money
Leaving you in despair!

Panic and terror
Like thunder and lightning
Why do I find
So many things frightening?

And why, oh why
Isn’t a teacher around?
To hear your silent cry
Or the bull’s snorting sound!

When life seems hopeless
With nowhere to turn
There’s help for your stress
Sit back…listen and learn.

Panic and terror
Like lightning and thunder
Is it much sound and fury?
I’m starting to wonder.

Let Me Be Brief: Key Pillars of Relief

First, be wary of “friends”
Who act like big shot stars
They use you for their ends
And ignore who you are.

But the biggest mistake
Is to bottle up fear
From this you will break, so…
Find a trustworthy ear.

She’s older and wiser
Shows you how to hold them
He’s artful in poker
So knows when to fold em.

Reframe panic and terror
As more trial and error
Embrace flaw and failure
Expand human nature!

Now speak calmly, move swiftly
The Poet-Ninja Way:
Eye the bully coolly
Like a fox, no delay.

Breathe out anxiety
Smartly walk away.
Reflect in a diary…and live
To right (and write) another day!

Actions and Reactions:
Logical and Psychological

To disarm this cruelty
Find a strong allied voice.
Talk with the Bull family
But, if left no other choice…

March with authority
To the principal’s office.
Rid your back of the monkey
You are through playing nice!

You are not a snitch
Nor squealer or tattler
Less disloyal witch
More real gutsy battler!

Reframe panic and terror
As more error and trial
Embrace flaw and failure
You’ve walked the toughest mile!!

We all have fantasies:
“Go ahead…make my day!”
Alas, the “real” enemies
Are oft hidden away…

Inside one’s caged mind
To be gently torn apart
As you explore humankind
Through the beat of a heart!

To view panic and terror
As neither error nor trial
Reward flaw and failure
With a knowing smile!

Natural SPEED: Stress Resiliency

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And you no longer bleed
For strength that will last
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