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Can I Become A Virgin Again?


I had premarital sexual relationships but now i am getting married and now i again wanna be a virgin…Is it possible via any pills or medicines?

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The word virgin means “untouched” (as in “virgin stand of timber”). If you’ve had sexual relationships, you have been touched, and are thus not a virgin anymore.

There are no pills or medicines that can make you into a virgin again. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, becuase if they do, they are lying.

To the extent that you define virginity in purely physical terms, there is a way to become sort of like a virgin again. Women have a structure known as a hymen which is part of their genitals. This structure is typically torn or partially damaged upon first vaginal intercourse, and this makes regular adult intercourse possible. A plastic surgeon can repair or (more likely reconstruct) your hymen so that it looks like you’ve never had intercourse before. However, this won’t make you a virgin again; it will just help you fool someone. You’ll still know you aren’t a virgin in your heart, and if you tell someone differently, you’ll be lying. Lying is not a good way to start out a marriage.

I don’t think it is a good idea for you to get too worked up about not being a virgin anymore. You can’t unring this bell, so you might as well learn to live with the music it produces. It is no tragedy if you aren’t virgin anymore. There need be no shame in not being a virgin on your wedding day. What is important is that you feel good about your marriage plans, and that you take care to insure that your future decisions are made with more care than some of the past ones you now regret.

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  • Mahek

    How much does it really cost if you want to do an hymen??? Is it Really Expensive ?? what if you under 18 and you want to be virgin again??

  • charles

    I feel that the fact that a woman did not save herself for her husband the one who deserves to be the one who deflowers her justifies her going through the operation withstanding the pain associated with it then get deflowered is justified. She should suffer some pain for her mistakes of going it up long before, Is it better that she just never attempts to make restitution for losing her virginity to the rightful individual namely her husband, I have no sorrow for the pain she might suffer going through such a surgical procedure,that should be restitution for men who have to marry and support a wife who did not think twice when she let someone else screw her.

    Editor's Note: Charles would appear to believe that a woman's sexuality is rightfully the property of the men in her life. He also doesn't display much empathy. Seems more than a little misogynistic to me.

  • Anonymous-1

    i am girl who never get sex with a man and am not a vergin. now am about to get married and the person that i should get married with think that am a still vergin please guys help me so that i can be a vergin again.

  • Anonymous-2

    This is a simple 30 minute surgery, The doctor gives you a consultation and tells you what he is going to do to reconstruct the hymen, it is not a painful procedure and it is quick , prices vary from place to place and doctor to doctor but it NYC it costs about $4000

  • Kristy Munoz

    I truly want to end my life after reading Charles' comment. I googled "becoming a virgin again" because I would give ANYTHING to go back. I never really got to be a virgin because my grandfather abused me when I was 3, so it's like I've always been "touched". I just want to go back. But I can't. It's hopeless.

  • Allan N. Schwartz, PhD

    Dear Kristie,

    You wrote that you wanted to end your life after reading the comment left by Charles about virginity. Why? There are always people who are intolerant, incapable of empathy, judgemental and narrow minded. Should we end our lives because of them? No, not at all. Yes, you were molested when you were a child. So, according to Charles, you should suffer? No. In fact, any woman who is not a virgin does not deserve to suffer. That belief is totally medieval. Who says a woman should "save herself" for her one and only?" What nonsense.

    Kristie, let it go. Do not be angry at yourself. Be angry at people like Charles and then, just dismiss them and forget about it.

    Dr. Schwartz

  • Puterka

    how can this charls guy judge women? and write such nonsence? I have a question for him. Hey charles were you a virgen when you merried your wife?If you say yes we all know that you are lying. And think twice before you judge others.Women schould be vigens until merriage and men can have intercourse before and after marisge, So people do you think that is ok?

  • sadika do u do???i m soon gatng merried and my fiance loves me alot i love him too bt i havnt told him im nt a virgin if i do he will break all ties i jst cnt loose him..plz plz plz plz i beg u 4 the sake of god plz somebdy help me!!

    plz..thr must b anothr way of gtng being a virgin again plz plz myb by some exrcs or med plz plz plz help i beg of u

    Dr. Dombeck's Note: In terms of experience you can never be a virgin again. However, if it is the physical componant of female virginity you wish to restore, I would suggest consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon or equivalent in your country. The classic (though inaccurate) sign of virginity is an intact hymen and this cannot be restored by exercises or medications. However, a plastic surgeon may be able to help if you are fortunate enough to live in a country where the procedure, apparently called Hymenorrhaphy or Hymenoplasty, is available and if you can afford it. You should know that it is not uncommon for the hymen to become broken before a girl ever has intercourse. As this Discovery Health article points out:

    But it is scientific fact that the hymen can be separated for reasons quite unconnected to sexual intercourse. It can separate when the body is stretched strenuously, as in athletics it can be separated by inserting a tampon during menstruation or through masturbation and sometimes it is separated for no apparent reason.

    I guess this fact may not be of much help if you live in a place where for cultural reasons your virginity will be tested upon or prior to your wedding night.

  • joe

    as a man i feel it truly stinks that one man can continue to effect someones life. every person should take back control of their own lives by not letting someone perpetuate the abuse. a man should love a woman for who she is now. let him. easier said than done i know, but give both of you a chance. you are who you let yourself be . i struggle with the issue myself, and have felt the pain of struggling with loves and potential loves with this issue . i am confident that i can love and be loved. you are truly blessed just being you as we all are.

  • Anonymous-3

    i've been try to have coitus 3 time but on the 1st and 3rd times has it loss of virginity showing a blood. i was curious if theres a posibility to become a virgin again.? and how many years or a months to be a virgin again?

  • Anonymous-4

    im in my early 30s and had sexual intercourse few times and was wondering if i can become a virgin again. i read all ur comments few times but i have a tiny little problem.

    im a MAN.

  • myself

    Thanx 4 the important information given about this matter, and woundering if u could tell me if it's possible to make this operation in any arabian gulf country, and if u could provide me with a trust contact numbers,email ,address and a trust doctor now. With appreciation in anticipation



  • alisha

    After reading all your answers on becoming virgin again i become little bit depressed i m still 17 i had done a mistake i lost my viginity at the age of 16 . And now i m afraid of future if in future my husband will know that i m not virgin then he will live me and i dont want this. plz suggest me any thing insist of doing plastic surgery cause i m afraid of such kind of operation even i cant have a injection also is there any another way of becoming virgin .. Please hepl me i dont want to lose any thing in future ...

  • mario

    you can be a virgin again without surgey also if you barly lost your virgitny in wanna be one again just wait a few years with out sex so the hybrim are whatever closes it wont take a year or two it well be a while so it can finly close in i now in experances of people in well if you had a baby or 2 in well it wont even close it well be real open so it well take a long long long long time to close or even till you die

  • Anonymous-5

    I'm so depressed and i feel so bad i cant even sleep well because what i did !!!

    I lost my virginity by my self i used to do the secret habbit and one time i did it to my self ..

    I dont know what to do ? i'm afraid to tell anybody /

  • Daniel

    to be a virgin as "Untouched" is Impossible .

    but to be a virgin 30% ( Only the blood out is possible

    there is some doctors they do operation to complet the hymen 2nd time . and when you do a sexual Relation the blood will out .

    and the person that u get married with him he will think u are virgin .

    But the best thing is you say the truth .

    and if he loves you so mush will not care about your past )

  • no name

    i can`t live i don`t know what to do.... i am suffering every minute iam crying i regret every thing i have done if i have my virginty again like i will have my soul pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me it was one mistake in my life he is treating me like an animal and i can`t tell my family , i am so afraid of surgery :'( plz help plz plz plz

  • benita

    Why get back your lost virginity, is part of life. If given the chance, i wont get it back. Is a road i dont walk through again

  • jissica.mita

    my country has no culture and am 18 i loose my virginity at 17 and i did sex a few times my worried when i grow up and get married how could i fix the problem of virginity they will kill me for sure this is bad plz tell me if i can be a viegine anymore i want you to help me i still with my boyfriend but he treat me like ship and when i ask him if he would marry me he says no i really really regret i want my virginity back is there any chance plz tell me answer me am so despert i think i would kill my self plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz just help me am beggin to all of you plzzzzzzzzzz help me

  • chickeeeen

    I have made a huge mistake in my life and im only 16 years old. I lost my virginity at the age of 15 and i wish i never did cause now i have to live with what i did.I dont want to be considered as a "slut" cause i'm not i just made mistakes thinking the guy will like me better if i had sex with them, but the case was they didn't and i was stupid. I don't want to have to tell my children when i get older that i lost it when i was 15 im ashamed of it. Now this kid im talking to heard rumors about and im trying to convince him im a virgin cause i wish i still really was. Any advice?

  • letwin

    l lost my viginity and we separated with my boyfreind since last year october can l be a vigin again help me

  • suna

    i did a big mistake i lost my virginity, now my family want me to get married, i dont have any idea what to do? could you please tell me is there any operation in australia?


  • Anonymous-6

    can i virgen agian?i do sex before 4 years now can i am a virden?plzzzzzzzzz tell me 4 god sake.bcoz i will get married after 1 year plz tel me i am vergin?every thing is ok?

  • sara

    hey i'm 16 years old.
    from 2 years i can't remember well
    but the thing that i can remember that i was with my bf we were wearing clothes we didn't have sex but he entered his finger then i found drops of blood i think then i became sicktime
    from these info. am i virgin??
    plzzzzzzzzzz rep

  • harry

    i just awant to ask that is there any herb that can make a girl virgin again? plz plz tell me,, coz i lost my virginity 2 months ago,, nd now my perents want me to get mary.. m too much afraid of my weeding night..

    can virginity get recover or get close with the pessege of tym? hw many years normally it takes?

  • John

    Im 15, im a boy and am not a virgin, but whats the big deal in being a virgin? i mean like why r u all complaining whats the big deal?

  • Rozo

    I broke up with my bf.. and i wana get married till next summer..

    i need ur help.. i wana be virgin again.. please help me..

    i feel so hopeless..

  • fathma

    hi,plz help me in this situation..i loved a guy and he promised me that he was gona marry i trusted him in he came out to b using me....he had all his fun with me..and i also got pregnant.i had a 2month old baby bt i had an abortion...nw i got a guy who wants to marry bt i m not able to tell him abt wat has happend to me..i will b getting married after i dnt wana marry him like this..i wana b a virgine again.plz plz plz help me..i m from uae, there any treatment that can b given or anykind of surgery that can b done in here dubai...plz plz plz help me....HELP ME

  • Chenz

    if the person love you that much he will accept what ever your past it. its a conditional love if he wants a virgin girl but the true love comes when he accept your past or what ever mistake you did. We human commits mistakes and sexual intercourse are very sacred but people do it in such a different way just for fun, or some commit it coz they love each other but time will come you will regret and just ask yourself one day " WHY I AM NOT VIRGIN ANYMORE" thats too late its all done.Plastic Surgery wont help to be virgin again its just a design where you yourself make a lie that you are a virgin. .the again if you found him you will make sexual intercourse and ask for surgical again it can make your life ruin, it may kill you, it may bring you into a cancer the best thing to do is accept what ever you have now..and if ever you will enter with a good and serious relationship be sure that you tell him the truth that you are not a virgin anymore and if he accepts you then he loves you really. With that you can determine if the person loves you or not. Hope it will help you guys....

  • monica french

    well i was rape at 2 yrs old dnt remenber i can never recalls how i lost my virginity where to how ...its crazy to see some people insulting other just because them want to regain they virginity:( shame on you all......

  • cheyenne

    im a 15 year old girl who was told buy my boyfriend that he loved me and i belived him he said if i really loved him i would give it up well i did and now im im just really confused now im with this guy neather one of us are vergins but i would like to become one spirtshly it was 4 times untill i relized everything was a lie he was cheating on me with 3 of my bestfriends

  • kholo

    hey editor iam a 19 years old girl and invoved with a guythe problem is i told him ithat i am a virgin while i am there any remedy to help me be a virgin again.plz get back to me


    Hi all

    I just got married and I used the fake £1 blood from halloween.

    I hold my virgina in as you hold the pee, and the fake blood was in my vigina... hay i was a virgin on my wedding night.

    Just enjoy your weddin food and worry about this in a bit. xxx I hate all the user guys out there!

  • aani

    u told abt the fake blood bt plz can u tel how u pore it into vigenia?and at witch time?plz ans

  • meme

    why are all of u guys asking to become a virgin again? u were virgin why u lost it ? why we dont think before we do something? and after we lose something we gonna start looking for solution dont waste ur time and fool someone be brave and faced ur problem...

  • neha

    i did sex with my boy frd for many time he said he will mery me but i came to know that he is a bigger lier.....

    now pls tell me how can i bcome again virgin pls tel me i m dieing give me some tips other than plastic surgery

  • binta

    how much dose it cost for opra plesed help

  • Anonymous-7

    if a girl looses its virginity she has not done a crime.There is no need to tell ur husband that u r not a virgin becz thats ur past.I know its a mistake but who dont makes a mistake.Its natural just happens.If ur husband really loves u he shouldnt make its issue.did he told what happened in his past.just say it may happened becz of cycling or exercise doesnot alwaz bleed while having sex for the first time.doctors have prooved all guys should take this shit out of this mind.girls have came on this world to enjoy life not to become a slave .yes it is wrong to sleep with every 2nd man.but there is no harm to sleep with whom u luv n give that man a lesson who tries to use u

  • amuh

    hey i was a virgin whn i got married to my husbnd, it was an arrange marriage.. i didnt bleed, n i knw i was a virgin for sure cos i never had sex before. he didnt trust me, even whn we r not frm a very conservative society, n he himslef is a dr. so i think virginity n those few drops of blood mean alot to men. so i suggest u to go thru the operation(surgery) n there is a pill. virgin pill, u can get it on prescribtion by ur dr or pharamacist. all the best! :)

    i wish i knew before tht i didnt have my hymen intact.. :(

  • Observer

    I hope this is the right place to ask....

    How come a man who is a 40 Year Old Virgin-like the movie is a source of comedy? How come a female's viriginty is being veiwed like a prize in this thread?

    How come a woman who is chaste is a good girl while a man is considered "harmles" or pathetic?

    I guess on the flip side, how come a man who has many partners is a stud while a woman how has is a whore/slut?

  • bob

    Guyz stop asking why girls want their virginity back because the answer is really simple. Religion! Muslim and indian girls are considered for most men useless if they are'nt virgins but all men put pressure on them to have sex young and before being married. They get manipulated and as soon as they are'nt virgins anymore their boyfriend often end up leaving them and they are considered worthless often rejected or physically abused by their own family. They fight between the intense pressure of having sex young in this society and cultural and religious beliefs that tells them exactly the opposite. Also most girls lose their virginity to a manipulative young and retarded guy who does'nt care about them and girls dream of ''prince charming''.

  • rjun

    hello everyone i am a guy & i don't mind marrying a non virgin gal.i am not a virgin & i don't mind marrying a non virgin girl. but i am what i am & i don't think i need a lie to get married. woman have some self respect & be honest ur starting a marriage with a lie. what if ur husband comes to know about ur past after marraige it will create more problem. best thing is to be honest many guys r willing to marry a non virgin girl. i am also from india so i understand culture. but i simply don't like to marry a liar. i like to marry someone honest not a desparate fake virgin.

  • No one

    But in my country if the girl were not virgin no one want to marry her ... /

  • imtu

    its truth that u did a blunder but make sure that you will be honest to your partner

    i am a boy has no viginity loose with my GF and she only refuses to marry me

    hey girls dont act to be smart after loosing you vigrginity

    pls feel sorry but don't try to kill your self just face it and tell the truth to your hubby in the first night or before

  • Anonymous-8

    I was a crazy teen and slept with several men ( or should i say boys) But in that time, I gave my life to Jesus. He washed my sins away. To HIM I was spotless. And on my wedding day, when my new husband and I were together, there was 'proof' of a physical 'virginity' if that makes sense. My body had healed itself so to speak.. I was so excited, but mind you , it had been eight years :) If Jesus can take a soiled person and make them new again, so should you partner in life.

  • looser

    A dream to break virginity of a gal(my wife) i live, millions of dreams and feeling of breaking virginity i live, just to do sex first tym with someone who is doing first tym too i never had sex with anyone...i live Now after 4 years of rel.ship wid a gal to whom i m going to marry in next 6 months i come to know that SHE IS NOT VIRGIN, SHE HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE ABOUT 15 TTIMES...AND I COMPLATELY BROKE UP MY SELF. MY DREAMS , THAT FEELINGS... NOW I M CONFUSED WHAT TO DO...WHETHER TO LIVE WITH THAT GAL WHO BROKE MY TRUST OR LEAVE HER AND START A NEW LIFE.. RPLY ME GUYS WHAT TO DO


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