Summary Of What Is A Personality Disorder

In summary, the defining features of a personality disorder are: a) distorted thinking, b) problems with emotional regulation, and c) problems with impulse regulation) that all work together to contribute to the fourth and most important core feature of personality disorders, d) interpersonal difficulties. When people have distorted ways of thinking about themselves and others, have difficulty regulating their emotions, and have trouble regulating their impulses, it only makes sense that these problems will go on to affect the way they enter into, and behave in relationships. Likewise, these problematic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect the way they handle conflict with others; and the way other people will react to them.

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    Have just been reading your online text for HPD but it stops at point 8, and as there is no full stop am wondering where I can find the rest of the text.


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    Soon to be my ex-daughter-in-law, my son having found out about numerouse affairs thru internet sources etc...seemed to have a total meld-down about 8 years ago after a hysterectomy. She has always been high-strung and exaggerated a lot but the mood swings now are out of control...took a bat to my son...screams obscenities at her 12 yr. old son....overspending, overeating, attempted suicide. She was diagnosed with bp and has been taking heavy meds for about 5 years, xanax, anti-depressants, valium and this is topped off with pain killers as she had back surgery two years ago. I don't know much about her childhood...private schools, only child, quite well-off, older parents. I worry about the violence as there are two grandchildren 10 and 12. I forgot to mention she is 45 and I don't think she is getting better with age as I have read in some articles.