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I'm Going Crazy


I’m a 26 year old female who feels like I am going crazy. Sometimes I have so much anger in me for no reason. It lasts for days. Then sometimes I have so many good ideals about my future but I can never stick to my plans. Still at other times I can hardly do anything. I sometimes have panic attacks. I can’t take meds because I have convinced myself I am allergic to them all. I was molested when I was young. I have been a drug addict but have been clean five years. I have a good husband. He must really love me given some of the stuff he deals with. I day dream about all of the bad things that could happen such as my husband cheating, my kids and him dying in a car wreck. I have been through every imaginable bad thing that could happen. I have a really high IQ, but sometimes I feel so stupid I can’t even spell, yet at other times I amaze myself. I know you can’t diagnose me, but could you give me something it could possibly be? I am not suicidal (I forgot to add that). Also I am hypochondriac. I feel my body does weird stuff such as heart attacks ,tingling, pain, but when I go to the Dr. they can’t find anything. Also when they give me antibiotics I won’t take them. I also want sex all the time. If my husband doesn’t want it I feel like he doesn’t love me. Please help!!!!!!!

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From what you talk about here it is extremely unlikely that there is only one thing going on – and it would be irresponsible for me to suggest that I knew what was happening for you when I don’t. I can only say that you will need to see a qualified mental health doctor for an accurate diagnosis – AND – that you’ll need to follow through on treatment recommendations (including medicines and psychotherapy) if you are to maximize your chances for recovery. It sounds like you have a very chaotic and emotionally hungry life that makes you uncomfortable much of the time. You need support and stability and something safe that can help to sooth you when you are upset. Individual or group psychotherapy, AA or NA meetings, regular exercise, a yoga class, or regular practice of relaxation routines would all be good things to consider. There is also a form of psychotherapy that might be useful called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (or DBT) – which is specifically designed to help people with mood swings and emotional difficulties to learn how to self-sooth.

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  • Tony

    My remorse goes out to you and I know how you feel. I can't tell you anything but to try and assimilate to the socieaty we live in. We have a higher understanding of things around us and have a very high labito. These two conditions are two things that seem to contradic with todays society. You must remember who you are and how you think, but at the same time remember that what is going around you is not in our control. We must work who we are and who the world expects us to be into a workable being. I also have a family and they have eccepted me for who I am. I have been lucky for this. Your husband is a lucky man for having you. Keep yourself healthy and keep yourself happy. With time, you will get a equilibrium to your life. I'm 33 and still trying to understand how to come to terms with who I am. I don't know if you have a lot of friends but if you do cherish them, they are hard to find and keep with the mental conditioning we have. If I am correct you work best under stress and that is our best attribute. We are survivors and reproducers, the best in the world in case of a E.L.E.. The world will never have enough of us, remember you are a rare individual and remember who you are.

  • Jeff

    It might sound a little bit wierd but I believe in evil spirits. These evil spirits can cause your mood to become angry and irritated and lust for sex and desire. I think that as a way to get rid of these spirits is to accept God into your life so that he can protect you.

    I'm not Christian but I do believe in God, and that he can save you and push all those harms away. It's those evil spirits that give you a negative influence. I wish you luck. Please love your husband and family.

  • Anonymous-1

    God Bless you and keep you. I am in your same situation right now (sounds like it to the letter, except the drugs) I am not suicidal but I feel sometimes like I wish this would all just kill me. I have so much to be thankful for, but I destroy it so easily and quickly without wanting to. maybe i don't think I deserve it. My poor husband.


    I totally understand what you are going through. I just feel the same. I had no past of drugs or hoping anything bad for anybody. I just feel I am not right for the society in any way. My husband loves me but I give him tough time understanding me. I am not that difficult either to understand.

    Anyways I cant explain myself but I am with you. Hope u feel better soon.

    God bless you.

  • faiz

    can you believe that I was searching the same title you wrote 'I'm Going Crazy'? well, I did. And the most sad thing about it that I'm a guy!! No one accept it when a guy go over emotional like that. No one understand me. I have no doubt that they love and try to help me but thet just don't understand. And what makes even worse is that my situation is affecting me economically. I'm 26 years, and I still study in college, live with my parents and I still take money from them. I honestly consider peopel who live like that as a losers!

    I also have a past with drugs, and doctors keeps telling me that that's the reason. I'm not sure if they are right, but I stopped more 3 years ago and my case is going worse every day, so, I can't see the connection!

    I'm totally depressed. I wish I'm dead and this suffer ends. Better than that, I wish I can live in happiness again.

    I know I talked only about me, but I, some how, felt I was talking about you, to.

    Wish you good luck.

  • Jason

    Well I have been addicted to marijuana for a while...coming off been about 2 months...i know yall prolly will say DT's but no...ever since i was 14 im now 21...ive always thought of first time i tried i tried to slit my wrist went about a quater of a inch in..i think about dying everyday, how my life sucks so bad, how i have not 1 friend to lean i have nobody to talk to about my problems...i cant go to the psychiatrist because im trying to join the army..i am currently in college right now full time soon as i get out of there im back to being depressed and i leave for the army in feburary i dont know what to do..thats my goal i keep looking foward to it ive been running everyday trying to keep my mind off things but it lingers back to them..

    life can be a bitch so i gotta always live with a bitch...

  • Anonymous-2

    i started to think that i wrote this the only thing different is i dont have children and i'm not married its so strange how so many people suffer with the same thing in the same age group. i still suffer with me having a high IQ and feeling like i'm stupid.. i just dont get it.

    i hope you get to be where you want to be , just as i wish for my self.

  • Anonymous-3

    Hello, I am 25 and i run my own small biz. I own a house,very ripped,no money problems,have plenty of toys. I have everything a man could want. I am well endowed to so no lack of confidence.I play sports and although i feel like i am going nuts. I have alot of friends but all of them think i am going crazy. I am starting to believe them. I take IQ tests and score 145 all day long but my brain never stops thinking. I have done some amazing feats in my life but i am losing my mind. The doc says i am suffering from depression,slight anxiety and i don't agree. I do not like the direction our society is going in and that i think is the root of all my problems but just to let all you other suffers know. One having everything is not happiness. Two focus on family and not chasing money. Three when you feel like your going nuts the best thing that helps me is to just stay moving. Sitting down and thinking when your brain is moving at mach ten only makes things worse. Get your ass up and do something. Whether its cleaning the basement at 3am like i do. Just do something. That and ignoring the 3am cleaning try to keep a regualr sleep schedule. It helps. Over sleeping though can cause more problems i think. So good luck and just redirect your anger,negative energy,tense feeling toward positive things. Thanks for helping me when i googled I AM GOING CRAZY this came up so lol. God bless all. We should all be fine. P.S. Put all guns in your homes in a place that will take you a min or two to get to them so you will have time to think about what your doing. I did that. I feel safer now even though i am an intellectual. Safety is key or else you will have bigger problems.

  • Derek Smalls

    I have spent most of my life feeling distant or mildly depressed. I believe that the causes of this were real, perhaps from childhood and these patterns have just kept running in my mind ever since. I am looking into NLP and other psychological techniques to address my problem. I think there maybe something in these techniques although not much has happened yet. Just a suggestion for other avenues you could try.

  • repo

    i try to look at this world with confidence and yet the struggle to find the path to happiness is never there!I dont like this world or anything that it has become. it is distrusting and morally degrading! I try to fit in but yet i am always an outsider made to feel wrong. I can keep my word but everyone else turns problems to me!! Maybe im crazy but death will be the most satisfying option not to live with the contempt of this pathetic world!!!

  • Anonymous-4

    All these symptoms looks like a combination of childhood mental abuse.

  • samantha

    I'm only 17, and i know you are going to think im just being a dramatic attention craving teenager but after reading this I'm so relieved others feel the same way! I thought I was going INSANE for awhile now. I should be happy, i feel like i have no apparent reason to be feeling the way i am. I have friends that care about me, my home life is decent and i'm super athletic. My grades are improving after being diagnosed with inattentative adhd 4 months ago. I was extremly happy for a month and now i feel like i'm having a major crash. i dont think im suicidal! helppp?

  • Anonymous-5

    just like many other ppl that have posted im 24 own my own business, engaged, own my own house, and have plenty of toys from go carts to race cars. But It seems like no matter what i do i don't have any money or enough time to finish stuff. First off i know what everyone is gonna say you have no money but all these toys they are all projects ive had for years. and by no money i mean i can pay my bills and thats it every month doesnt matter if i bust my ass and buy nothing or be lazy and eat out every day still have just enough to get by. owning my own business is awesome but lately ive had to take on alot more jobs in my business my fiancee used to help me out now all she does is work part time at her job and sit on her ass all day. doesnt clean doesnt help me at all just sits at home. i have her pay the cable bill, elec. and water which is like 200 a month and all she does when ppl are around is mention she has no money because she has to pay all these bills just to make me sound bad i have around 5,000 plus dollars in bills a month and i feel alone in this world if i need help with anything im on my own i have plenty of friends but almost to many my phone rings off the hook all day every day hey u wanna do this or that. I feel im losing my mind because im actually mentally starting to give up and say fuck it every morn i wake up at 9 and since i dont have to go to work till 1 i lay in bed trying to fall back to sleep till then because i dont want another crazy day to start. on top of it takes me hours to fall asleep my mind always moves at a million miles per minute but my body doesnt want to do shit i cant excersize because i have a pinched nerve in my hip my knee cap is literly broken i have a plate and 9 screws in my ankle and a bad back im one of the few people out there that have made thereselve with no help ive held a job since i have been 12 cutting grass every day to moving up to were i am now often i think about just packing up everything and just leaving everything but then i think about all the people i would be screwing over i still have book keeping for jan. to do for my shop but i cant get the energy to just do it its now march 15th ontop of that i still need to somehow make 4000 dollars by the 30th ontop of amillion other things i have to do and save for i just wish i could stop time for one day and have energy for that day

  • pesimist

    I wish my wife would want to have sex all the time...:)

  • Anonymous-6

    My wife has all of these symptoms (except the sex). It is being caused by her low blood cortisol and testosteron. She also has high prolactin levels. She starts going off for no reason. Then all she can say is I hope you have to feel this way then you will understand. I have pretty thick skin but this comment always bothers me. I don't care what I go through I would never say that. But I keep going back to the fact that the doctor said she would have these severe swings in emotions when they found out about her imbalances. It will be hard for your husband but if he is there going through this with you, he loves you. Stay strong and you might want to think about having your doctor check these levels.

  • Anonymous-7

    I have been depressed and have had on going panic attakcs for almost 3 years now. I have a relastionship with drugs that is not good and also disordered eating. From the outside, my life is good, and I AM a very lucky person, but the anxiety takes over completly and the reality of the situation become a far away miscrocosm that cant exist in my craziness!! My job is in a busy setting managing people, and the social phobia makes everyday a hell!!

    BUT- on a positive note, I am learning some healing techniques

    1) Relaxtion- just make time for it. take a bath, stretch your body when you wake up. X out the ciggarettes and coffee.

    2) Focus on making someone else happy. Anyone from the postman, to your mother, to your co-workers at work. Compassion and service spreads happiness- when the motivation is external , the internal follows.

    3) Childhood metal scarring, is a PROCESS to heal. Make a appointment with a shrink to define what you have been through. Once recognised, you will know better what steps to take.

    4) Ease up on your self. You are only human :)

  • Anonymous-8

    maybe adhd?

  • Alison

    Well Today is my 38th birthday. I am leaving my husband have gotten rid of my emotional affair tried to just put that down to a misunderstanding. And yes I met the guy at work so now it is not a good place until I can fix the issue. He is in the US and I am not. Yes my day is shit! Can't sleep, can't work and can't do anything. HELP!! I am crazy.

  • Brian

    Therapists and specialists are too wrapped up in self-importance to truly understand. I went through basically the same as you....except I am 32 now. Meds, endless sessions, endless answers, etc. They did nothing but remind me how weak and damaged I am. Nobody likes hearing the truth, but it's truth nonetheless. Give it to God. Surrender your will to him. Live for Him. and watch the pain slide away like it never existed. It's not an easy road and people will curse you. But LIFE is only found in Him. Real Life!! like you never imagined.

  • Shawn

    I am 24 and own my own small business. The cause of my anxiety is primarily financial. But I feel like if it wasn't that it would be something else. I think I got that from a movie, but it's pretty right on. That's how life is, there is good and there is bad. The grass is always greener, etc.

    I agree that when you feel like your back is against the wall, the best thing to do is to try doing something different!

    Simple things like eating a balanced diet, having a sleep schedule (everyday including weekends) and exercising do wonders for your energy and hormone levels.

    My bet is a lot of your are very intelligent people, which frustrates you even more, as intellectuals we over think think think and never try anything different. We become paralyzed by our thinking and that spreads into paranoia and fear. Which spirals into anti-social behavior, etc, etc.

    Helping others creates a positive feedback loop, if you are helping to feed the homeless it also will help you realize you aren't doing so bad.

    It helps to just act and get the "little" things checked off your list grocery shopping, chores, errands, etc can give you a sense of accomplishment and allow you to focus on bigger things.

    Finally, know that a lot of us go through this stuff and we aren't alone, even if our experiences are different, those negative feelings are the same, just remember that anyone of us could meet each other in real life and not even know we sympathize with each other! It helps to have people you can confide in, but that's what we are doing right now.

  • Faisal

    I really wish that u relax , ur one person from 7 billion people walking this earth, yet they live with each other for a lifetime.

    U have the ability to change , u are strong enough. I know u can.

    U have an honourable position in ur life , ur a mum and a wife. So stand for what is good

    Remove ill thoughts from ur heart. this could be a struggle but its worth it. U can ..

    Im sorry that u have so many problems.

    I want u to be better

    I love u

    Take Care

  • Mary C.

    Im looking at this blank page trying to ask myself, how do i start writting or even go about telling the whole world that I feel like "I am going crazy"

    Ok here it is... I am 29 years old female with a good job, nice house, decent family. I get up everyday trying to figure out where I am. I dont know whats happening to me but I just dont feel happy:( Im always scared Im gonna loose my job, so I overwork. I do everything for my kid, so she doesnt endup hating me. I have dreams about moving up in my career but am too scared to act on it. I talk about what I wanna do in the future, but the future seems so close. I never have enough time to do everything I need to, and when I have that window of opportunity to do so, I feel like my body does not want to move. I am not lazy, I just dont have the drive or the eagerness/motivation like I used to.

    I see the world alot differently now,, Its just nothing but a Lie. I feel so alone:( I can't stop daydreaming about living a different life, one that is simple and carefree. My worries in life fels like a shackle that binds me. I like to make people feel safe andhappy, yet I can't evendo that for myself. I know life is short too waste worrying about things that dont matter,still I wonder if onedaywhen I am old,that I might regret alot of things that I wished Icould have done, but didnt:(

    I pray everyday to have this load taken off, but no answer yet.... Please help me!! I feel like I am going crazY!!

  • Fatima

    i am 23 years old. Last july i lost my younger brother at age 15. It has threw my world upside down. My grandmother had bi polar and scitsafrinia and so does my mother. Since my brother has died i feel like i cant be happy or anything go right. I hvae 2 beautiful children and an amazing boyfriend. He does so much to help me out but all i seem to do is grip and i find myself not even knowing what i am griping at him about and feel so dumb. I hate this feeling and want it to pass and dunno excactly what to do. i have went to the dr and got on anti depresents but to me it doesnt seem to help.

  • Anonymous-9

    i have been through all the symtoms of depression and sometimes i feel like i am going to loss it, negative feelings and unhappiness but i discovered that when all your problems are given to God through prayer...all the trouble just melts away. trust in God and give all your problems to him.the bible say "come to me all you that are with heavy life burdens and i will give you rest.say this prayer below, belive in your heart and you will see a drastic difference in your life. "lord Jesus I beleive you died on the cross for me, I belive you are the son of God.Come into my life and take this burden away. heal me from this trouble in my heart and give me peace in my soul. thanks you Lord in Jesus Name Amen" I said this prayer and it healed me. i wake up every morning and just tell jesus my worries and hand it over to him. I feel so much peace in my soul. I bought a bible and read it every day. it amasing how much peace i found those days of being sucidal, mood swings, anxiety are gone. thank you Jesus

  • robert

    i feel crazy as well sometimes. i dont care about anything for some period of time and then the next i am an emotional wreck. i wouldnt cry if a baby died in a car crash but the next i would cry if a grown adult stubbed its toe. im lost. alone. scared. no one understands my point of views or why i feel the way i do including myself. i dont want to die because i want to know what it is to feel. spending 15 months all alone, i believe did this to me. i would talk to myself a lot and try to strike intelligent conversations with myself but afterwards i would still feel empty. laughter seems to be the only cure and it is temporary. alcohol is depressing after the short run effect of joy. IM DONE

  • Nicole

    Hi, I'm a 41 yr old female and in your post you described me to a T.....although i am much more at ease with myself and some others now days, it took alot of work, some work was not easy, Like really coming to terms with your childhood sexual abuse,finding a good therapist that you really feel confortable with and has experience in this field is the key to your happy future, i personally went thru approx 20 therapists before i found the one for me and i have never looked back,as for the bad thoughts you are not alone.. I found that my thoughts were really about being left alone in the world like the abuse i endured as a child it left me feeling alone and abandoned and this feeling carried on into my adulthood, again this refers back to your childhood abuse....dig deeper and get everything out then you can really really start to live life freely....good luck

  • Tina Marie

    I know im not the only one feeling this way. I just want to know how to rise above it. I feel like everytime i try, i fail. I am a 41 one y ear old mother and wife. I was mentally abused as a child and when you dont have a positive up bringing how do you begin to program yourself into something positive. My confidence is so low,Im afraid to even be-around other people.Im afraid of what they might think of me. I hate feeling this way.I wish i could re-program my brain, Its not like i dont try. It always comes out negative. Any one might say you need to start by being positive,which i understand,but why am i still feeling this way. I feel like this is my destiny. than i die.....

  • Johncandy

    I agree cookies are delicous, but be careful not to eat them on a tuesday.

  • Aditi

    Most of the problem,issues has to do with the way we our mind is engaged with our day to day activities. No matter what ,keep yourself occupied with some usefull activites.Also doing social activities helps an individual in understanding the meaning of life.

    Another way which had a profound effect on me was through the practise of meditation,by which one can control the wandering of the mind.

    Hope to see you well soon!

  • twise

    i feel u i am about to snap i go off on people who do nothing but love me i have angry inside that burns each day i really dont no what to do im tired of living sometime i have been though so much in my short 29 years of living!but some kind of way i still make it each day dont no how im tired though they say shit get better but how when u deal with the same shit everyday my job is dead end i dont really make no money on my job dont no what to do i have been cleaN FOR TWO YEARS NOW BUT I DO MISS THE WAY I COULD NOT FEEL THATS WHAT I LOVED THE MOST ABOUT GETTING HIGH!NO IM SORBER AND FEEL EVRY THING LORD HELP ME I NEED A BLESSDING SOMETHING TO KEEP ME GOING I NEED TO DO BETTER AND DONT KNOW HOW.

  • Not well adjusted adult

    I have a family that are very passive and wants everything to be nice and proper. Same goes to the treatment my mum gave me. Whenever there are arguments, she would gave me slient treatment, up to months. Hurling words of what a stranger or enemy would say to me in between. I repeatedly apologise and sometimes I don't. That made me feel guilty and the cycle goes on.

    Now I've moved out and staying in an office. Much relieved than before but I had a hard time adjusting to life. I have very close friends that are helping me by displining me like what parents do cause I am completely a not well adjusted adult. So ashamed of myself. I feel that I don't deserve anyone to love me and yet angry at myself times when I sit alone in the office. I do have thoughts of suicide but have no courage.

    I've brought so much burden to my friends and they went through quite a lot of hardship cause of me. Sometimes when they are angry they told me what I should hear, like I'm really burdening them and their family. This comes especially worse when I start out a business with them cause I have very little discipline and feel very small around them.

    I have the tendancy to escape ino my little world in hopes of ignoring everyone and feel most comfortable sitting alone and think of happy thoughts. This is completely absurd. I hate myself.

  • Dee

    I have no comments to make about what I've read, I just want to share my thoughts. I know I'll forget about doing this when I'm feeling better because when I go back to feeling better I can never remember all the things I did when I felt like life was not worth living. My life isn't bad, I have a job, a boyfriend who loves me and a family that is very supportive. But I've gotten to a point where I just really don't care. I don't want to be intimate with my boyfriend, I don't want to see my family and I really don't want to keep up with my studies in school. I am a senior in college with 5 classes (including the 2 I'm taking now) until I graduate.

    I am an anti social social butterlfy. I can go out in the world, sometimes, and be lovely to be around just the most pleasent person with the funniest jokes and a great person to be with, but when I'm in my moods I can't imagine leaving my house, even to go to the store. If I am forced into a social situation, such as work, I am miserable and can hardly get my work done. I'm always on the verge of crying and always feel as if everyone is out to get me out to get me fired or make me look and feel like a complete fool. Coming home doesn't count because I don't feel my boyfriend really loves me. But saying that is hard because why would he put up with the insanity? I'm so confused and just want to be alone. I'm scared of life and terrified of death.

  • Tammy

    I have read almost all of your comments and skimmed the rest. I must say I am in awe of each person's positivity in each comment. I mean each comment complains some about feeling bad, but each comment also has some kind of positive word or angle to it. I have suffered verbal abuse from my husband of 17 years, almost the entire time. I really am very damaged at this point, and don't see that I will recover, so I wish I could just not live anymore, but I am scared to hurt myself and not succeed. All the consequences scare me. I don't want to feel the pain, and I don't want to be in a crazy hospital, though that is probably where I belong. But I am also affraid I will hurt my kids. I love them so much, but I also fear them. I fear they will grow up and turn on me. I'm just scared...

  • Angie

    I did a search, in Google "please help me, I'm going crazy" esactly like that, and it brought up this site.

    It sounds like I wrote your post. Almost to a tee. I have the same problems

  • Carina

    I read your comments and I feel I can relate to so many of them. Nothing very bad has ever happened to me, i've not been a drug addict and not been molested. I have had panic attacks in the past but not lately. I day dream about all of the bad stuff that could happen, i have so many good ideals for the future but can't stick to my plans, sometimes days go past and i feel i can't achieve anything. The response about finding a relaxation technique that works for you and finding a way of self-soothing is very useful to me and something i've been thinking about for a long time. I started meditation a while back but didn't follow it through. I've been thinking of getting a cat for ages. maybe this is the kick up the bum i need. If its any consolation to you, i hope all these reply comments help you feel that you're not alone. Hang in there and don't give up on finding a relaxation technique that works for you.

  • lindy

    I am 54yrs old and suddenly I am unable to control the feelings of despair I have always felt. I have until now,tried to be philosophical about my highs and lows -- (perhaps my lows weren't as bad as I thought they were?) -- but now I don't have the answer. I start to wonder if I really need to be here anymore and if the kids might not be better off without me because I don't seem to be any use to them -- or anyone else for that matter. I know this all sounds very self indulgent but it is how I am feeling and am having trouble rationalising myself out of it. Up until not too many years ago i lived a full and loving life with two children

  • cdr

    I have suffered from panic since I was a small child. It got so bad that i became house bound for 2 years. I then got help and paxil and started driving and going back to school. Now in the past 3 weeks I have become an emotional wreck. i am sooo depressed and have been put on clonopin to help calm me but I dont feel as if it is working. i am suicidal and just want some help or for the pain to end.

  • Anonymous-10

    I cried reading all of these entries. I cried hearing what pain and internal suffering you have all been through and are going through. I read about anger and sadness and abuse and suicidal thoughts. I then saw the dates and realized that perhaps in a horrible world, some of you may be gone.

    Life is a beautiful thing when you embrace it. It feels dark and angry a lot of the time, but its what we make it. We live for others when we should be living for ourselves. Please dont let the demons push thier way in. Dont let your mind wander from the beauty and wonder of the universe around us. Be at peace with yourself. I am sending out my love, my hopes and my support to all of you. Dont ever give up the hopes of a better tomorrow.

  • Anonymous-11

    About two and half years ago i was normal happy with my life moved to a different city to set up my own business which went extremely well I am very well financially and health wise. but now my parents and my wife dont get along and in my family we r all very close. I honestly dont know what is going on with me i want to leave everyone and just move to a diiferent city and never wanting to come back have a simple life. I m not sucidal actually i love my life more than anything but i just want to be alone when i come home and i already told my parents they dont think its serious. I get mad things like table spoons fans and clocks. I want all the lights turned off when i m home. just want to sit alone in the dark. sometimes in the middle of the night i just go to parks and just sit there till sunrise. I have never done any drugs in my life only drank liquor once in my life and had a very normal life i dont know what i am going to do.

  • NIKI

    I am 23 years old. I stay with my mom and sister. I lost my father three years back. I loved him a lot. I am about to get married on after 4 months. Everything is normal. I am also a teacher in a school. But i don't know what happens to me sometimes. I feel like crying loud. Everything becomes hell for me. I talk so roughly with my mom. I feel like killing myself. My fiance loves me a lot. But i even tends too doubt him with his sister in law. Actually i found him trying to change me,my look, way oof talking...everything. i get so fustrated. Feel like breaking all things. I feel shy to visit a phycholoogist. I am not addicted to any sort of drugs . I am yet virgin. I just wanna knw am i really going mad. What can i do? Please help! I don't wanna commit suicide but unwillingly sometimes i even try to do that.

  • steve morris

    sweaty i'm not here to tell you everything is goint to be alright. there is to much of that bullsh*t this time of year. if you are in as bad as shape as i think you are you are up and these so called shrinks aren't worth a sh*t. i know because im 49 and had severe depresssion sinse i was born, things that even johns hopkins can't figure out. but i do carrry on. however hard. do have a death wish but not today. hoping for that rainbow in the sky someday hope to hear from you

  • Megan

    you seem like a great Dr thank you for your advice. Very much appreciated.

  • Rex Tompson

    My wife is bisexual and has casual encounters with women she meets because I can't satisfy her. All I care about is money, all my coworkers hate me, my son is a convicted felon, my daughter sleeps around with black men and uses drugs, and I feel insignificant. Because I have no self worth and have failed at life, I take it out on my coworkers and kids. Please help me!

  • Anonymous-12

    Sounds a lot like symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. Have it checked out with a psych eval

  • Dad

    I'm in my late 40's. Divorced twice, have a 22 year old I'm still paying child support on and he should have graduated college ( I payed for) but decided not to take 2 midterm exams. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old both sucking the life out of me and don't get me wrong cause i do everything to take care of them but ...the wife won't help with the house chores nor take the time to like care about anything. She berates me everyday and cusses at every opportunity. Well, I am getting ready to retire from my 20 year job and on the verge of a layoff. I bust my butt working hard. My life is in shambles. I am 100% sane but am I really? How the hell do others fall into normal lives?


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