Child Development And Parenting: Middle Childhood

Middle Childhood Parenting Introduction

This document is about parenting elementary-school-aged children. It provides information and advice on caring for children during their middle-childhood years, between ages 8 and 11 years, approximately. It is part of our larger series on Child Development and Parenting. In this series, we have divided childhood into four broad periods: Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Adolescence. We have created separate articles concerning parenting and child development for each of these periods, based on the idea that effective parenting technique follows from an appreciation of children’s development; what they are capable of and what they continue to struggle with at specific moments in their lives.

Child Development and Parenting: Middle Childhood — In The News
Recess: An Essential Part of the School Day

WEDNESDAY, March 18, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Recess is an essential part of children's school days that can help set students up for success once they head back to the classroom, a new study suggests. Yet, many schools are cutting back on recess or not offering quality recess time. This... Read More

Don't Delay School for Summer-Born or Premature Kids: Study

MONDAY, March 9, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Delaying the start of school for a year for children with summer birthdays or those born prematurely may lead to worse academic performance later, new British research suggests. "Our study shows that delaying school entry has no effect on Year 1 teacher... Read More

Health Tip: Teach Children About Dental Hygiene

(HealthDay News) -- Since tooth brushing and flossing are lifelong necessities, teach children properly at a young age and make brushing and flossing a positive experience. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests you: Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles designed for young children. Look for one with a thick handle... Read More

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