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For as long as I can remember I have had a major problem with “decision making”. I will constantly think about the various options in my mind, from large decisions like what career is for me or what religion should I believe in to small decisions like out of five fast food restaurants which one should I eat at or small like changing my clothes several times because the one I am trying is just not right. I started to see a Psychologist three weeks ago, twice a month, and I started to take Paxil ( which has helped with my sweating hands and anxiety, but I still suffer from “indecisions”? Please suggest what I am doing right and your opinion what wrong with me, is there a name for “indecision” like “indecision disorder”. I would appreciate a response. Thank you.

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There is no “indecision disorder” listed in the DSM (the diagnosis book for psychiatry/psychology/social work). However, there are disorders that can be associated with indecision. Key among the possibilities would be the anxiety and depressive disorders. Since you report anxiety and sweating hands, in addition to your indecision, it would seem more likely to be in the anxiety spectrum, with perhaps also some obsessional and/or perfectionist personality stuff going on. Of course, there are also anxious “atypical” forms of depression and a variety of other possible things that might be happening. Only a qualified doctor who has examined you in person would be able to arrive at a more definitive answer to your question.


p>I’m very glad to hear that you are working with a doctor to get some help for your indecision and associated anxiety. Working with this doctor and getting yourself on medication that reduces your symptoms (your anxiety and sweating hands) are things you are doing right. Feel free to ask your doctor what he or she has diagnosed you with. It is your right to know this information.

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  • MrT

    Its @ 2am I have a very hard time going to sleep and the computer may be my undoing. Since a kid I have always beeen very driven to learn and was a 'library' hound. I must have had probem socializing and did not bring any friends home. Parents were a bit violent when I was young. I was panicked even at age 40 to sing Karaoke. Somewhere about '93 age 40 I sang and loved it. But that was my last productive income year. I have not worked these last 4 yrs because of fear of failure and need a partner to make it seem secure. 5 seen a Psyc since 98 and was easily ADD but later expandede to bipolar by 3 differing opinions. I have had depakote Tegretol Lamictal Seroquel *Respiridone Paxil Amblify Topomax but sem to feel less extremes w just plain gabapentin @900mg/dy. rr

    But I am depressed and unemployed and considered LAZY by my wife. I just do not get much energy for anything. I do drink about 30oz caffeine day. I stop by 5pm or it keeps me up even longer than my avg 3-4am. I am generall fighting hard to get 8 hrs sinc my wife doesn't want me sleeping the day away and call me or pulls blankets. I once had sucess and a decent business for over 20 yrs but the effects of people dying seem to affect me more than I realize. My grandfather in 92 grandmother 93, My dad in 97. Uncles in 98 99 2001 and even my father-in-law 2002

    I just cannot act on anything anymore because of ZERO results from everything I have tried to start these last 3 years. I start to really doubt my abilities, whatecer they are. wHEN NOT ON Gabapentin I am very impatient angry and prone to break things. I know I have bad ability to keep my office in order my garage or even bedroom. Im surely a packrat of sorts. I cant even let go of magazines and paper/cards. Everyting has too much importance.

    When taking Paxil I felt very calm and focused. It sure dropped my fears of talking to strangers and maybe made me too direct. I did not have any fears. My wife thought I was weird, but on my own while on it I did finish remodeling a house in New Jersey in 97-8.

    Lastly, since a child I was always talkative, just like my dad, nonstop. Well as I have gotten older it has become worse and if I travel with someone I am good for hours. My wife wants me in the other room for TV since I comment on everything- I am bad. This has taken 42 minutes I am done.


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