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I'm Scared


I have no idea why this started but I am always thinking about death, mine, my husband’s and my kids, everyone’s. I can’t get it out of my head and I am really scared. At the same time I kinda feel like, "whats the point when we are all just dying anyway." I just want to be here for my kids. I feel so scared all of the time. Please help me.

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The fact that you feel scared about these intrusive thought means that you need to see a psychotherapist. I would recommend a licensed clinical psychologist or licensed clinical social worker and who specializes in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT).

What you are describing may be symptomatic of an anxiety disorder, depression or both. The psycho social stresses in your life, whatever they may be, could be fueling these intense thoughts and feelings.

Today, there is plenty that people are feeling worried about. The state of the economy and the financial situation at home and when raising children is certainly very difficult. I have no way of knowing how much these things are affecting you. If they are, they may not be the route cause of your problems, but could contribute to whatever emotional struggles you are going through.

Do not wait to seek help. It is entirely possible that the therapist you see may recommend medication on a temporary basis and, therefore, refer you to a psychiatrist or to your family physician. The sooner you reach out for help, and you have now started, the sooner you will feel better.

Good Luck

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  • Anonymous-1

    good advice.

  • Inarun

    Hi, I'd like to respond to this one. When I was a child, 8 or 7 years old, I used to have the same fear. I'd be so afraid of death, and I was afraid for my family. Death seems so near. Life seems so short. And it is. I used to wish that my parents and I were all the same age, so we could die together in each other's hands.

    It's good that you love your family that much. And you know what? It's okay to be scared. But you have to live life, and be there. Life... Well, life's a gift. You live it.


  • Vimmi

    I have the same problem, always had even as a child and I'm now 27. It gets worse when someone I know just passed away, even hearing an ambulance or being at a hospital gives me the creeps. I avoid funerals.. Little things really trigger this feeling of fear and anxiety, even a sense of creepiness I'd say. I always thought I was just oversensitive..? Does anyone have an answer for me?

  • Anonymous-2


  • -________-

    if sometimes ppl dident need to throw a penny every time they needed to be normal that makes me sick to see false hope and drugs that just make u like a nome silent and boring and tired like your undercontrol or hypnotised yet so many ppl need help and all there is is ppl who want money just so you can feel normal or even happy so my sugestion to you is nothing but a small word sorry if it wont help but i can try we all live and we all die but " life is like a train ride we get on with our chosen passengers and some get off before we do we lose some bagage on the way and we get some on the way but just no we all get off at the same place with every thing we had in first place in the end so keep your head up and keep that in mind

  • Suzie McFeline

    Hello I am Suzie, I am also afraid of everything. I never leave my home. I stay in my cold dark room all day and night. I only go on the computer when I feel somewhat appreciative of my life. I eat my hair because I am too afraid to go food shopping. I cannot shower unless I feel as though I am happy enough to shower. Thank you!

  • Caitie

    hi. i over herd my mom talking on the phone with my great-aunt. my aunt had done reaserch. she found out that my state can drive parents and families away from their kind and/or the whole families out of homes. i'm not trying to scare you even more. my aunt dosn't know like what you have to be in for that to happen. my mom and her are on facebook with government stuff so they don't know whtas going to happen. i don't know what would happen if my mom and dad got taken away. i would have to raise my younger brother on my own and we don't get along very well. i don't know where we would live, how we would eat, how we would be clothed, all that stuff.

  • Si

    I had the same obsessive thought, that we were all doomed and not only will we all die but the universe will end and non of this will matter.

    All of this brought on what I later found out was high anxiety and a low level of depression. I just panicked all the time with existential thoughts.

    I was having 5 severe panic attacks a day, meaning I was suffering from panic disorder. I lived in fear of not only my own mortality but also suffering from the sheer terror of these panic attacks.

    I went to a therapist and after a while I realised that although my thoughts were obsessed with the issue of death, this was a manisfestation of all my other issues my social anxiety, my diet, lack of exercise, me not wanting to connect with anyone at any level.

    What you're feeling is normal and will pass. It took me four years of suffering from a panic disorder to find help, don't wait as long as me.

    Enjoy life though, it's all you have really

  • kiara

    its okay, to be scared of death. Dont worry about death and focus on your present, cherish the moments u have and remember the ones you had:)

  • Anonymous-3

    Lately I have been scared, I think my heart is going to stop, I don't know where this came from, but it is driving me crazy, my chest even hurts now. Does anyone know how I can deal with this, this is crazy.

  • Juan

    Helo..I am juan..I'm 15!well I'm really scared at the moment because we just moved into our new house and I don't like it because I hear stuff..! And none of my windows wants to lock proppaly and my door doeznt want to lock from the inside ..and my dogs keep starring at the window and making funny noises..I sleep with a knife next to me incase someone comes in the house..I'm really scared and also when look in the mirror i see a reallyy monster like looking face on my face when i look at my face for along time in the morror and really scared..! hope god wll protect me and guide me! cause kep tinking smeone is gonnsa cme in ad kill me....

  • Kristy

    I also suffer from anxiety sometimes...last year had a real bad anxiety attack...I felt my heart was going to jump out of my body, when feel like that know...I bought some natural stress pills from shoppers and they seem to a day when feel getting anxious. The doctor had prescribed "apo-lorazepam...but was afraid would be hooked on them so only took a few. My advice seek medical help. Good luck to all!!


    and i was thinking i was crazy .there are people like me out there

  • Random guy

    Well don't think about it. You can miss something that's happening like right now so don't think about it.

  • Random guy

    I get scared sometimes and think of death and well what I do is that I just sit relax and I watch TV and I get it over with that all and then I don't think about it because I see TV.


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