Sexual Problems

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  • Anonymous-1

    My wife and haven't had sex in about five years. She is physically and in bad health not able to comply. I have tried to be a faithful husband,but masterbation is getting old. I have tried to talk to her about it but she thinks that,that life.I am not ready to throw in the towel if you get my drift.

    Sexaully deprived

  • Anonymous-2

    I'm having the same problem with my husband. Hi has ED and won't get help. I'm getting tired as well and don't want to have an affair, but I feel unloved and undesirable.

  • Marty

    My partner has a low sex-drive and since having kids it's non-existant, whereas I have a high sex-drive.. and I've discussed this issue with my partner, and at times, things seem okay, but she loses interest quickly and is too tired or has no interest in making love. I get frustrated and now have a desire to sleep around, but I restrain my urges but end up being depressed and distance myself from my partner. This has been going on for several years, and now I've decided to end the relationship.. but feel I'm ending the relationship for the wrong reason and should try and work on things, however I no longer love her and see myself with someone else, somene who is compatible am I fool, or doing the right thing..?

  • Anonymous-3


    everyone needs relation it always requires drop-n-drop-n-drop to make an ocean,if understandable peoples like you brokes relationship like marriage for only Low sex drive and High sex drive issues that will not help also your partner if your partner has low sex drive there are so many things to look and may matters be sorted out?if your partner opposes to have sex u can...!

    1. speak with him/her regarding the same matter, u can find out what's the reason it may possible he/she is experiencing severe pain while performing an act,she/he may be going through mental disorders or to be specific there may be some tensions which is taking interest away........u may visit sexologist who ultimately will gv some medicine so tht partner won't get tired very early

    2.if he/she is opposed for pen-vaginal sex u can try oral sex and other method as well

    3.if ur partner gets tired vry early u can advise especially for male partner he may put a coin in his mouth so that his complete attention will be on the coin and he can gv better pressure and pleasure for the parner he can hv Gulab Jamun three to four before performing an act

    4.if still issue persists u may visit counsellor for the same,because u can't pour water on ur entire relationship for such a cause because again it will be headache to go through various things like divorce,distribution of assets etc...

  • pardeep

    my age is 26 year old and my dick size is 4 cm please tell me the procedure how to increase it

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  • victor

    Hi i have a habit of masturbation.i masturbate about 2 to 3 tines in a day and my mind always thinking towards sex.please tell me how i can control that thanks