Service Dogs And The Confusing Issue Of The Americans With Disabilities Act


  • Anonymous-1

    The ADA does not cover people who are not disabled, including people who train service dogs for disabled people, nor does it cover any dog that is not yet fully trained as a service dog (a dog that does tasks that mitigate the individual's disability and that behaves well in public).

    Some states do have laws giving access to trainers of service dogs with their service dogs in training, but not all states do and there is no federal law for this type of access.

  • Kimberly Carnevale

    The article mentioned, "seeing eye" dogs, as a blanket term of dogs that guide the blind. The term, "Seeing Eye" actually derives from the name of the first school that trained guide dogs for the blind in the United States in Moorestown, NJ.

    The proper term for dogs who guide the blind is "guide dog", as only students of the actual Seeing Eye school can be considered, Seeing Eye dogs.

    Kimberly Carnevale

    Canine and Abled, Inc.

  • Tony

    I am a disabled vet, prior to the war in Irag. I suffer from PTSD. Is there a possibility for me to get a dog? I am planning on buying a dog this spring and would like that one to be trained, is that possible as well?

  • Allan N. Schwartz, PhD

    Hi Tony,

    You can get a service dog to help you with your PTSD but not through Puppies Behind Bars because they are only working with Iraq and Afghan veterans. However, one of the organizations you could try is at this URL:

    When you go the this URL you will find a telephone number. Call them and they will answer your questions. They have worked with several Vietnam Vets.

  • Pierce

    Is High Blood pressured covered under ADA? Is Anxiety covered under ADA. Is a person allowed to obtain a puppy/untrained dog as an accomodation whereas a contract, in private housing, says no pets allowed? Thanks .

  • Jane

    We just had a visitor at the library (public) who asked to use the short-term computers. When told her dog, a Bichon Frise, would need to stay outside, the woman claimed this was a service dog, that she had high blood pressure. We let her use the computer, the dog was not disruptive. However, I have a hard time imagining a Bichon Frise being a service dog! My experience with them is that they are quite high-strung. Just curious.

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous-2

    I also had a woman with a dog come into a library saying she had high blood pressure and her dog was a service dog because he helps her exercise. He jumped on my counter and half the time she somes in she doesn't even bring him with her. How can that be a service dog if they are not with you all of the time?

  • Anonymous-3

    It was suggested to me by my doctor at the VA clinic about using a service dog as an alternative method of treatment to help me battle severe social anxiety and agoraphobia. Due to financial situations I can not afford a trained service dog, but have been training my dog for the past year. How does one go about having their k9 certified if they meet the requirements? Thank you