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A Mistake Is but an Error: An Ironic-Poetic Odyssey for Human Authenticity and Audacity

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker as well as "Motivational Humorist ...Read More

A mistake is but an error
Why the reign of holy terror?
Must there always be a loser?
Is it really now or never?
Don’t let hyper-controlling order
Invade a sense of your own border.
Life and death is true urgency…
All else is but priority!

Perfection…Living Perfection
Grows from seeds of rejection
Perfection…Sterile Perfection
The dark side of depression.

An error is but a failure
To this I shout, “Hallelujah!”
Despite hand-wringing and the fury
Of inner voices – judge and jury
The only time you are a twit:
Not learning from and laughing with it.

Perfection…Fine Perfection
Elaborate preparation
Perfection…Exact Perfection
A formula for inaction.

A failure’s but a minor trauma
Despite the tears and family drama.
Reject that “b.s.” – be safe – mantra
Ride the bull in the arena.
To outwit your b.s. box
Wrestle with this paradox:
Do Strive High and Embrace Failure!

Perfection…Rigid perfection
More chronic constipation
Perfection…Timid Perfection
About time for an eruption.

A trauma morphs into disaster
When you just run faster, faster
Making it a fearful master.
Embrace the pain, face your sorrow
Both today and tomorrow.
To realize Buddha mind
Meditate on your behind!

Perfection…Pure Perfection
Oh high and mighty obsession
Perfection…Frigid Perfection
Better get thee to confession.

A disaster’s but a danger
Unless treated as a stranger
While bottling up your anger…
Now who you gonna hit?
Still, I’ve given you an answer
To fight this alarmist cancer:
Be a wise man and a wise guy
An Athena flying sky high.
Resist that square peg-round hole fit -
Learn to surrender…never quit!

Perfection…Blind Perfection
Denies failure’s potentiation
Risk-Averse Perfection
Blocks the bridge to aspiration.


Poke gentle fun at your own flaws
A tried and truly noble cause
For muting know it all’s and boors
With some polished, well placed grit.

Write about and roam the earth
Spread seeds of hope, songs of mirth
Your loving, lasting epitaph:
A wily-warm, wise-wicked wit!

Perfection…Flawless Perfection
An ideal of conception
The “Illusion of Perfection”
Saved by human imperfection!

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