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Make Your Life as Inconvenient as Possible

Steve Pavilanis is a normal everyday guy who suffered from extreme social anxiety and panic attacks for over five years. He knows what it's like ...Read More

It’s pretty much the norm these days. The older you get, the busier you get. As careers, relationships and kids come into the picture, it becomes very difficult to find the time to exercise. It is my firm belief that exercise and physical activity is required to help keep your stress and anxiety levels at bay.

But how can you find the time to exercise when you’re so busy!?

The simple solution is to make your life as inconvenient as possible.

If you can’t get to the gym or head out for a run or bike ride, there are other options to get the physical activity your body craves. The trick is to fill your daily routine with small exercises here and there. When you do enough of this, your body will get the physical exertion it needs to keep things balanced.

What are some examples of putting this into practice? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If it’s feasible, bicycle to work instead of drive. Park further away so you have to walk more. Always make sure to go for a walk (rain, snow or shine!) after lunch for at least 20-30 minutes. I live in Chicago and this can be truly painful in the middle of winter, but I always feel better when I return to work! There are also numerous exercises you can perform without leaving your desk (see this article for examples).

So give it a shot. Make your life as inconvenient as possible. Force yourself to go out of your way to get exercise while performing your normal tasks throughout the day. Your body and mind will thank you!

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