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How to Flood Your Life With Confidence

Steve Pavilanis is a normal everyday guy who suffered from extreme social anxiety and panic attacks for over five years. He knows what it's like ...Read More

When you’re feeling anxious and depressed, your self-confidence takes a nosedive. You don’t feel up to facing any challenges or pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. You tell yourself that once you start feeling better and more confident, then you’ll be ready to conquer your fears.

The tricky part is that we’re never really “ready” to face our fears. Instead, we have to muster up the courage to push ourselves towards our fears. Once we do this, the confidence flows like a waterfall!

I’ll say it loud and clear: Voluntarily facing your fears is the BEST way to build self-confidence and belief in yourself.

Here’s an example from my life…to conquer my fear of riding crowded trains at rush hour in Chicago, I started small. I began riding the train just a few stops over my lunch break when it was mostly empty. I gradually increased the difficulty over several weeks, riding trains with more passengers for longer rides, building my confidence. Eventually, I graduated to riding packed trains at rush hour with little difficulty.

The day may never come when you wake up and magically feel up to finally facing your greatest fears. It just doesn’t work that way. Instead, start pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone every day taking baby steps. Each small victory conjures up positive feelings and belief in yourself, which continues to build as you repeat this process and tackle more challenging situations.

So remember, don’t wait until you feel “ready” to start facing your fears. Start today by pushing yourself a little and continue to push further every day. You will see firsthand that once you take action, confidence will flood into your life.

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