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A Walking, Talking, Breathing Miracle–Y-O-U! A One-In-Several-Billion Shot

Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. is a seasoned clinician with experience working with adults, couples, families, adolescents and older children since 1976. His aim ...Read More

“It would have sufficed to deflect [the sperm cell] a fraction of an inch,
and Napoleon would not have been conceived,
and the destinies of a continent would have been changed.”
—Henri Poincaré

“The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle,
which is exactly what it is: a miracle and unrepeatable.”
—Storm Jameson

In the 13.7 billion years of our universe’s existence, one to two million years of human beings in modern form being present on earth and 4500 years of recorded human history, as a species humankind has shown scrappy perseverance in its survival and eking out a living in an often hard earthly environment. Further, humankind is exponentially accelerating its progress technologically, in communication, science, health and longevity, comfort and entertainment in forms never even dreamed before. Our depth of satisfaction from family life and a connection to a divine higher power is remarkable.

Our physical manifestation and existence is nothing short of a miracle, literally meaning some thing, event or condition that cannot be realistically and reasonably explained. Consider this: “You” as a physical form are a one-in-several-billion shot! The very existence of “you” as a physical form in this moment is the result of one sperm cell among 100 million or more of your father’s sperm in his coupling climax permeating the outer wall and fertilizing your mother’s egg when she was fertile.

Then this nascent “you” was able to continue the passage through peri-natal development in your mother’s womb for the entire journey, in which one out of three are not successful and result in miscarriages, abortions and other difficulties, to successfully come into the world at your birth. “You” somehow made it through the life-and-death obstacle course of childhood diseases, accidents, crimes and natural disasters to be here today. Given these one-to-several-billion odds of sheer survival to This, this precious moment of life, will you ever face probabilities even close to this magnitude ever again? The likely answer is, “No way!” The shorter answer is to simply acknowledge, “No.”

If our very living presence doesn’t count as a miracle, what does? Sage Swami Dayananda Saraswati in his book Self-Knowledge writes, “In fact, the only thing that has no form is consciousness alone—you!” Thus, the only thing that exists without form is consciousness, including “you” alone as consciousness expressing as a human being.

As the seed of a tree grows into a tree without any “one” or “person” there, so our fertilized human seed grows into a human body without any “one’ or “person” there too. All great faiths and religions agree that in this passage each human being is blessed with the seed of a soul, a Pure Awareness of the Self. Realized masters, mystics and sages point to our realizing the Self, and further embodying this realization as illumination, enlightenment, a knowing, inhabiting, fully developing and living our whole-soul.

Every one of us is unique; and none of us are special. To be special is a distortion of being unique. There is nothing and no one who is special, that is, deserving or entitled to different and better treatment than any other blessed creature in Our Beloved’s world. To be special separates you from you human brothers and sisters, only orchestrating disconnection and distance, resentment and suspicion. As Margaret Mead notes, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Being unique means being one-of-a-kind and without compare. It makes no sense to be very unique or most unique because what exactly would that mean, other than your special and we’re right back where we began. Is there really any higher compliment than to have someone close to you sincerely and lovingly say, “You are unique.”? Sweet, marvelous nirvana. . . and enough to have a smile painted on your face from dawn to dusk, from slumber to awake. Unique ordinariness and ordinary uniqueness aptly describes every one of us. KYOU is a sister-brother station of the KGOD network.

Even calling humans “unique” is a misnomer in Pure Awareness on the plane of the Absolute since all “ones” are fundamentally alike in being “One” and the Self. It is equally a misnomer on the level of ego consciousness on the plane of the empirical world given that no matter how “unique” the ego wants to portray itself, the truth is that everyone of our egos function pretty much in the same way and move through the same stages of development. Thus, even egos are impersonal in their taking life so personally.

Each moment of our lives is available for our presence. This Presence is so remarkable that we describe such moments as “peak experiences,” “flow,” ecstasy and fast times when we feel most alive and life is worth living. This Presence when sustained is so remarkable that we call it “self-mastery,” “self-actualization,” satisfaction and having the command and control of our very destinies. This Presence when fully embodied is so rare and unusual that we call it “self-transcendence,” “self-realization,” enlightenment, liberation and illumination. Will this moment of authentic Presence, this unrepeatable present instant in the flow of our lives and the universe, ever be duplicated? Once again, if this beingness doesn’t count as a miracle, what does? You got me!!

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