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Aslyum Squad Comic Strip 26

Sarafin is an artist and writer, studying cartooning and comic book illustration at a respected career college in Toronto, Canada. An aspiring satirist, Sarafin began ...Read More

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I used to do tons of clubbing, mainly at alternative/goth inspired hangouts. It was usually a weekly thing for me, up until the point where I got really sick. Now, I rarely do any kind of nightlife-related activities, beyond my comic jam meet-ups, art openings, and the occasional karaoke night (even though I can’t sing). Clubbing became a massive bore the day I put down all intoxicants, including cigarettes. A relaxing evening at home with company to entertain is so much more enjoyable for me now, and I don’t need narcotics to space out and have fun anymore. (Sanity became my new high after coming out of psychosis.) Not surprisingly, most of the friends I made during my clubbing days turned their backs on me when I became “uncool”. Oh well – there will always be opportunities to make new friends!


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