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Asylum Squad: Comic Strip 2

Sarafin is an artist and writer, studying cartooning and comic book illustration at a respected career college in Toronto, Canada. An aspiring satirist, Sarafin began ...Read More

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The way this series is going to proceed is at a rate of one comic page per character at a time, with the cast of four rotating one by one, onto the next, and then back to the first – so, this being the first Liz comic, it will be followed by Henry’s first page, then Cath’s, then Sarah’s. (Occasionally, I like to throw in a strip that trails off from the stories of the main characters, but that also remains relevant to the themes of the comic.) The series began quite wordy, which was due to the limitation of the chosen format, but was also somewhat of an artistic choice – I liked the look of walls of text, as it was like the ramblings of someone ill with a lot to say. This later changed, as I got some complaints that the wordy comics were a bit too much to take in. Again, I’ve kept to the format style of the early ones, which I began while hospitalized, not having ideal paper size or stock to work with at the time (I was just using 8 1/2″ x 11″ sketchbook paper). I plan on switching to a more flexible format after the end of the first collection of comics, which I intend on having compiled into a book down the road.

Liz Madder’s situation has many of the elements of a horror flick – each character’s story has its own style and feeling to it. Her problems didn’t seem to exist until after becoming addicted to tranquilizers. The spooky horse head was something I saw a few times, but I’m not easily frightened in this way, and was quite fascinated by it, so I decided to incorporate it as a character. The name “Armananstantanu” was something my mouth would blurt out when I wondered about it, so that became the apparition’s name. (BTW, it’s pronounced just as it is spelled!)


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