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Asylum Squad Comic Strip 24

I wrote and drew this comic right after completing the graphic novel “Ghost World” for the first time – a very good comic turned into an excellent film. One of the common themes of “Ghost World” (which is a coming of age story about two childhood friends who slowly drift apart as their attitudes change) is that despite the witty banter and comedic cynical takes the girls have of the world around them, they ultimately prove to be the biggest fools of all. With this in mind, I came up with a comic where Liz, in hospital, looks around her, and silently dismisses all the other patients as pathetic, as though she shares nothing in common with them, as though their lives mean nothing. (I think it’s something we’ve all done to some extent, at some point – “Oh well, at least I’m not THAT guy!”)

I’ve gotten as sick as “that guy”, and lost friends because of it. And, provided we live long enough, all of us will get to that point someday. Now, when people pick on deeply mentally ill people they see wandering in public, I’m often quick to defend those people – having been mad and homeless myself, at a time, for a while. Many of those people are much stronger than you think.


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