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Asylum Squad Comic Strip 27

Sarafin is an artist and writer, studying cartooning and comic book illustration at a respected career college in Toronto, Canada. An aspiring satirist, Sarafin began ...Read More

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Automatic handwriting was a practice I indulged in for a very long time. Though I doubt my doctors would agree, I believe it’s sufficient evidence to suggest the presence of a second entity. It began one night, in my mother’s house in the country, after I had just moved in with her. I smoked a little bit of marijuana, and suddenly, my hand lurched forward on its own, and started to mime a gesture that suggested a hand clicking a writing pen. When I figured out the meaning of the gesture, my hand gave me a thumbs up sign, so I picked up a pen and allowed my hand to write messages on its own across a large pad of paper. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life – the messages came out smoothly, and didn’t seem based on any lingering thoughts in my mind.

Eventually, I learned that to get better (no matter what the source of the messages), I had to stop allowing “it” to speak through me – through my vocal chords, through my writing, through any means of communication I had come to establish with my little friend. I had to change the way I think, and not allow my mind to linger and connect with the rhythms of sounds and music around me, as use of rhythm was another way I had learned to communicate with it. It’s been a lot of hard work, and was often extremely frustrating on many levels. But all these experiences made me a much tougher cookie, and I take little for granted anymore. I have an inner serenity I lacked before all this began.

This strip is based on some of the interesting messages I got from automatic handwriting about “the afterlife”. I don’t take the actual information seriously anymore, but a lot of it has been useful for creative pursuits!


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