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Asylum Squad Comic Strip 42

Sarafin is an artist and writer, studying cartooning and comic book illustration at a respected career college in Toronto, Canada. An aspiring satirist, Sarafin began ...Read More

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This portion is based on a real delusion of mine. At one point, the visions and sounds played out just like the graphics of a video game (complete with floating icons and menus), so it really felt like I was playing something directed by a higher power. Because of this, you’d often find me laughing hysterically to myself, and (quite often) I didn’t want it to stop. Sadly, it didn’t stay “great” for long, and I had to get back to my life sooner or later. But, in a way, I wouldn’t trade some of the funnier experiences for the world. I’m still waiting to get some animation software and learn enough of it to make Flash cartoons based on these experiences. Even the most tight-wad psychiatrists I’ve talked to have laughed and said they wished they could have witnessed some of the audio and visuals I’d experienced, after describing them.


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