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Asylum Squad Comic Strip 45

Sarafin is an artist and writer, studying cartooning and comic book illustration at a respected career college in Toronto, Canada. An aspiring satirist, Sarafin began ...Read More

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This is the first comic I drew after my discharge from the psych hospital. “No more nurses, no more drugs! No more psych ward’s angry thugs!” is of course a parody of the old schoolyard chant, uttered on the last day of school: “No more homework, no more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks!” This is also one of a handful of comics I tend to use as an example of the overall series, because of how it highlights many of the serious issues with the particular hospital I was staying in (CAMH’s 1001 Queen, Toronto). Recently, I was invited to a medical consultation in Edmonton, Alberta, to represent a project I’m involved in called the Speakers Series, where ex-inpatients of CAMH’s schizophrenia program speak to the staff of these wards about their lives since treatment, and what they’d like to see improved upon for the inside. During my presentation, I displayed this comic on the screen beside the podium I spoke from. (The consultation wasn’t just about mental health services, but also for services available for treatments ranging from fibromyalgia to leukemia.)


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