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I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully: I’m a Bully, You’re a Nerdie – Part I

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker as well as "Motivational Humorist ...Read More

For a Health Fair at the US Patent & Trademark Office, exhibitors (of which I was one) were asked to come up with activities for the children accompanying their parents, that is, the PTO employees. My activity was helping the kids – ages ten to teens – write their own Resiliency Raps. I also thought I’d better be a role model. So here is my latest effort, a subject that, alas, too many kids can relate to – bullying! I wrote this Rap using language and imagery that, hopefully, can span the age spectrum. There also are discussion questions after each part.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully: I’m a Bully, You’re a Nerdie – Part I

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
It’s getting way late
Clam up and listen to me
Gonna set you straight.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
The “T-Rex of the School”
I’m a Bully, you’re a baby
You better follow my rules.

At home I must hide
Never good or smart enough.
When I escape outside
I’m king or queen of mean and tough!

I’ll make fun of you
Maybe curse you out.
What else can I do
Full of raging doubt.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
You’re either weak or strong
I’m a Bully, who’s being silly?
Don’t ever tell me I am wrong!

I may not like myself
But I sure hate feeling sad.
So I’ll threaten your health
Now we both can feel bad.

When I put you down
I build myself up.
I’m like a volcano
That’s about to erupt.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
Dark Prince of village and the hood
I’m a Bully, you’re a nerdie
Give me your money, phone, or food.

If you freeze from fear
My wolf pack will attack
A wounded deer; that headlights stare.
Better watch your back when you’re in Iraq.

My in-crowd may be jealous
Cause you’re pretty or smart.
We’ll gossip among us
Tearing your friends apart.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
Are you lonely, out of your mind?
I’m a Bully, catch my fury
Time to Sandy Hook…or Columbine?

Some bullies have a snake sense
With a sudden toxic bite.
Don’t suffer in silence
Because of shame or utter fright.

When you see me come a hunting
Tell me, now what will you do?
Some keep forever running
Some form a rival gang or crew.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
I won’t let you rest
I’m a Bully, ain’t it funny
I’m your biggest test.

Possible Discussion Questions

1. Does the Bully character seem real, like someone you know? Why might someone engage in bully-type behavior?

2. Can you describe a bully character that you know? Have you ever engaged (or thought about engaging) in bully-type behavior. If so, why; if not, why not?

3. Have you ever experienced being bullied or made fun of and/or put down on a regular basis?

4. If so, how did it feel? What were your biggest fears or concerns, for yourself, with your friends, with your family, with classmates, etc.?

5. If you have been bullied, or know someone who’s been bullied, how did you (or this individual) attempt to deal with the bully situation?

a) What specific steps or actions were taken?
b) Were some steps or actions helpful; were some steps not helpful, even harmful?
c) In hindsight, were actions not taken that might have been helpful?

6. Or, if it’s easier to generate discussion, ask the group how they would deal with the bully situation described in the “Resiliency Rap” ™?

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