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I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully: I’m a Bully, You’re a Nerdie – Part II

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker as well as "Motivational Humorist ...Read More

If you missed the first part of this Resiliency Rap and its corresponding discussion questions, you can find that here.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully: You’re a Nerdie, I’m a Needy – Part II

You don’t have to be a hero
Shouting “Make my day!”
You are not a zero
When you simply walk away.

Hey, it shows real nerve
To just stand; neither flee nor fight.
There is strength in smart reserve:
All that might still don’t make it right!

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
I pretend to be cool
I’m a Bully, can’t you see through me?
So who’s the bigger fool?

Don’t hang with kids or teens
Who think they’re the only stars.
Make one or two friends
Who like you for who you are.

But with chronic fears and safety
Alas, friends are not enough.
A rites of passage journey…
Facing your emotions – now that’s real scary stuff!

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
Maybe acting like a common thug
I’m a Bully, that’s real needy
For some tough loving wrapped in one bear hug.

Find a teacher-counselor guide
Someone you can really trust!
A grown-up by your side
Learning skills for feeling safe…is the only must!

A wise dolphin – man or woman
With wide open eyes and ears
As you swim the roughest ocean
No longer drowning in your tears.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
Could this happen to me?
I’m a Bully, hey, my Nerdie
I need you to set me free.

Talking with a caring shepherd
Is not being a snitch
It’s not being a “b”-word
That rhymes with witch.

It takes real courage
To admit to having fear
And to do the right thing
When no one seems aware.

I’m a Bully, I’m a Bully
Still sitting on the fence
I’m a Bully, now I worry
Will I ever learn from experience?

Now I see…what I despise in you
Is like a haunting echo in me.
By calling you a “Fag” or “Jew”
I take no responsibility!

I can’t admit it, but it’s plainly true
As a bully, I am sorry…
Cause I need all the help
Just as much as you!

Possible Discussion Questions

1. What do you think of the “dealing with the bully strategies” suggested in the Rap? Which ones seemed most or least helpful?

2. Is it difficult to find or talk to a trustworthy adult about a bullying situation? If so, what makes it difficult?

3. There are schools that have conflict resolution programs led by trained students with adult counselor advisors. Would it be easier to talk with a student/peer about bullying than with an adult? If so, why?

4. Is it possible that the “Bully” and the “Nerdie” might have some common fears and concerns, issues or problems?

5. With adult and peer guidance, is it possible for a bully to recognize and admit his own pain and needs related to jealousy and unworthiness, as well as for love, acceptance, and validation?

6. Is it possible for both the Bully and the Nerdie to change; to make healthier, more interpersonally successful psychosocial-behavioral adaptations; to not just “talk the talk, but to also walk it”?

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