Online Counseling: An Online Counselor’s Perspective

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Do you ever wonder if online counseling can be helpful for you?

Are you curious about whether or not you might benefit from email, skype or phone counseling with a therapist hundreds of miles away?

Reading comments and stories about some people who have been helped through online counseling might help you to figure out if it might help you. Here are a few examples for you.

Jim: “Online counseling was helpful for me. I was a little skeptical at first, but the process gave me the support and some new ideas that helped me to take positive steps towards solving my problem.”

Ann: “I really liked being able to put my thoughts and questions down in an email and send them to a therapist.

Just writing the emails helped me organize my own thinking and make decisions, even before I heard back from him. His suggestions were really good ones and helped me to take steps in the right direction. I would say that I definitely benefited from my experience with online counseling.”

Bill: “I thought that talking on the phone would not be too helpful. I mean, it is hard to really know what someone is thinking or even saying, if you aren‘t in the same room together; however, I found my counselor really good at being present and open with me. She helped me understand myself and my situation in much healthier ways.”

These are the kinds of comments that I hear from people who have experienced online counseling. Here are stories similar to ones that I hear from those who contact us.

Jim was experiencing a difficult situation with his boss. He found that this dilemma took up way too much space in his brain during the day as well as at night. Phone counseling helped him to gain a more realistic perspective about his situation. Jim appreciated the specific suggestions he received for changing his behavior as well as his thought patterns. Very quickly, he was able to make different decisions about how to interact with and think about his boss and his job.


Ann’s husband was having an affair. Initially, she was devastated with the knowledge and moved between threatening to kick him out and begging him to stay. She really liked email counseling because it gave her the opportunity to write whenever she needed support.

Some of those emails she sent to her counselor, while others were just for her own benefit. It helped to get things down on paper. The questions discussed helped Ann gain a calmer and clearer perspective on her own situation. Ann read several books that we recommended and together, we were able to apply ideas and suggestions to her own situation.


Bill, a physician, living and practicing in a town of 60,000, had some questions about his relationship with his partner. He knew the few therapists nearby and referred to a couple of them so he was a bit concerned about how effective or ethical it would be to go to someone in his town. His practice also kept him pretty busy with long days and nights so he decided to explore online counseling. He checked credentials and confidentiality online, began with phone counseling but was soon ready to explore using skype so that he and his therapist could get a better feel for each other.


While online counseling may not work for everyone, there are many who have found it to be a very useful way to gain perspective, knowledge and learn new skills to solve the problems in their lives.

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