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Questions To Live By

Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. is a seasoned clinician with experience working with adults, couples, families, adolescents and older children since 1976. His aim ...Read More

“If we begin with certainties, we shall end in doubts;
but if we begin with doubts, and are patient in them, we shall end in certainties.”
—Sir Francis Bacon

Are you present, here-and-now, in this moment exactly as you and the world are?

Who am I? / Who am I being right now? / Who is this “me” or “I”? / Who’s the who? / What am I?

Does this road lead anywhere? (Especially, anywhere I want to go in my life?)

What do you want? / What do you really want? / What is really important?

Is it worth it to you? / What do you have at stake and invested here?

What is the truth here? / What do we really have here? / What are my assumptions?

Is this designed to work or not to work? / Will you bend, adapt and have life work, or resist, break and not have life work? / What unintended consequences can occur?

Is this a good fit/match? / Are you ready to change and grow? / If not, when?

What are you getting out of continuing unworkable, defeating behavior? / How much longer do you need to do it before you don’t? / Are the “payoffs” worth it?

How many more problems do I need to dream up before I see no problems anywhere? / Since the mind dreams up all problems, do problems even exist?

When are you going to take responsibility for your life? / What will it take for this?

How is that my responsibility? / Do you need me to take responsibility for your life?

Are the people I’m with supportable, teachable and signed up to have life work?

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail? / What am I really waiting for?

What do I have to lose? / Can anything real be lost? / Does anything unreal exist?

What stops me? / Will I let this or anything stop my true life from unfolding now?

Whose life is it anyways? / Is it my ego-mind’s life or my True Self’s life? / Do you want your life, or an incredible version, imitation and simulation of your life?

What would it take for you to change on this issue you are bothered by?

Is your core value in this activity pro-life or anti-life? / Would Divinity want this?

What conditions are necessary for you to get unstuck and move forward? What idea or consideration stands in the way of my responding to reality here-and-now?

What problem are your symptoms, difficulties and challenges solving? How do you need this? What purpose does it serve? What are some healthy alternative ways to face, address and resolve it?

How much poison or toxicity do you need in your life? Do you need any poison or toxicity in your life?

What are my strong internal and external resources to draw upon in this moment?

What do you need to do to take care of yourself? / What can make your life whole? / Are you willing to be a good steward of life, beginning with your own? How are you treating the world? / How are you treating life itself?

Do you really want to know the answer you’re fishing for, or the one that will work best for everybody? / Are you being honest, straightforward and sincere?

Who would you be without all your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself?

Are you any identity your mind thinks and believes you are? / What is the essence underlying all of these imaginings? / Is the only true identity your True Self?

How much longer do you want to continue existing inside of your ego-mind, instead of being and inhabiting your authentic liberated self? / Would you rather do it your mind’s way or God’s way? / Is there anything beyond insanity to give?

Is my mind more real than reality? / Are you ready to stop arguing with reality?

What is Reality (Love, Consciousness and God), versus our ideas, beliefs, images and stories of Reality (Love, Consciousness and God)? / If we are molecules in the mind of God, then who isn’t your brother and sister?

How do you know what’s best for me in offering your unsolicited advice and opinion? / How could you know better for me than I know for myself?

Are you the source of this sense of separation, emptiness and disconnection or are you an instrument of this separation, emptiness and disconnection?

What is the origin and source of all our feelings, thoughts and actions? / Is the origin and source of all our feelings, thoughts, and actions as body-mind mechanisms our conditioning/programming and our heredity/neurology/genetic predispositions? / Thus, can anyone be made at fault and blamed for any action?

What is not a blessing when seen from the Truth of who we all truly are? / What is not boundless joy, heartfelt gratitude and ceaseless blessings in being alive now?

Can the fictive, imaginary and non-existent ego see itself? / Can it do anything? / Is the ego-mind as a false identity always claiming to be the source, author and authority on everything, while not being able to see itself or to do anything, and only having the apparent power we give it?

What is better than living Truth itself, being and expressing who you truly are?

How amazing, illuminating and fulfilling can you stand your life to be right now? (P.S. What shows up in this moment is precisely the answer to this question!)

What is already here? If who you truly are is already within you in this moment, then isn’t who you truly are already here? Isn’t it enough for who you truly are to already be here? How great is This!?

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