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Recharging Yourself Through Relationships and Giving to Others

Sally Connolly, LCSW, LMFT has been a therapist for over 30 years, specializing in work with couples, families and relationships. She has expertise with clients ...Read More

Are you running out of steam?

Do you need to be recharged?

Are you feeling exhausted after the holidays and spreading yourself way too thin?

Relationships, close relationships with friends and family who really care about you, can provide the care and respite that is needed. Sharing stories, laughing together, helping each other or volunteering to help those in need, all feed, nurture and nourish us.

My husband and I recently experienced this. We were feeling pretty overwhelmed over the holidays. We thought that we were not using good judgment when we agreed to accompany some of our friends to Mississippi for a volunteer vacation but we did it anyway.

We have been to the Gulf Coast 12 times since Hurricane Katrina, helping with recovery from the storm. Each time, we see a lot of changes as property is cleared and homes built; however, there continues to be a great need for volunteer help in the area.

We left home early on a Saturday morning for the 10 hour drive from Kentucky to the coast. Once again we stayed in a volunteer bunkhouse and met others from across the country who were also there to help out.

We noticed that, as soon as the car took to the road and we caught up with our friends, the laughter began and the stress and tension seemed to roll away. Holiday shopping and tasks were forgotten as we talked about important and unimportant things in our lives.

We spent a few days putting up walls and installing insulation for two different families. Meeting the homeowners has always been inspiring. They are so appreciative of our time and effort and we soon recognized what is really important in our lives.

Doing for others in need helps put what is happening in your own life in perspective. Spending time with people who really care about you is energizing and recharging.

Do you have ways that you recharge and revive yourself? Please share them with us.

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