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Sleeping, Eating & Gaming, Oh My: The Blood Sugar-Blood Pressure-Out for Blood Triangle

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker as well as "Motivational Humorist ...Read More

This “Safe Stress”™ Resiliency Shrink Rap started out examining the sleep deprivation epidemic invading the country. And in short order it expanded to two related social health concerns: out of control eating and addictive-violent gaming. Hopefully the messages generate a mind-opening balance between lighthearted and heavy-handed. Enjoy…and feel free to spread the words!

Sleeping, Eating & Gaming, Oh My: The Blood Sugar-Blood Pressure-Out for Blood Triangle

Now don’t be cheap with the need for “Sleep.”
You’ll just be snappy, make folks unhappy
Or you join the mob crashing on the job.
As your memory brain becomes a leaky drain.

And stop pretending, you’re just defending.
It’s hocus pocus: you cannot focus -
Does that caffeinated mind race through the daily grind?
Are you “lean and keen” or more a drama queen?
But my biggest stress: “All is fine” b.s.


Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation
A Vampire sucking concentration
Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation
The iPod for a Zombie nation.

Oft burning the candle is more than a scandal
A lack of sleep feeds body mass creep
As a sluggish mood screams out, “More food!”
Stepping on the scale, it too starts to wail.
Now is your fate a pre-diabetic state?

You need forty winkies, not all those Twinkies
Can fill the lonely part of a hungry heart.
So do that snoozing not quiet boozing
Or raiding the fridge for a late-night binge.


Sleep deprivation and food compulsion
When fried and fries forge a junk mood junction
Sleep deprivation and food compulsion
Heavy eyes “super-size” our population.

All night gaming is mind inflaming:
Does it inspire or trip a brain wire?
For Net addiction is not total fiction:
It’s pretty insane to deaden all your pain.

Excess e-violence and underground defiance
Sow impulse erosion with TNT emotion.
Are we turning a “fun” day into a Ted Bundy?
Alas, the danger goes beyond the stranger…
Bottled rage adds plaque for arterial attack!


Sleep deprivation and tech-obsession
A formulation for mental regression
Sleep deprivation and tech-obsession
Oh not another Newtown procession!

Does sneaking and snacking mean values are lacking, or…
Is a super-sized culture now the main vulture?
With a quarter on the border of a blood-sugar disorder
You’ll need more than Snickers or a kick in the knickers.

If the noble intention is broad health prevention
Then spurring a nation means “Shrink Rap”™ education
For moving brain and bone outside a comfort zone.
When life is on the line work with folks to design
Daring images of self that will reject the shelf.


Sleep deprivation and weighty conditions
Means a decision for a new mission
Sleep education and weighty conditions
We must amend as a nation the US constitution!

See a health pro, begin to let go
Of those excuses and self-abuses:
To escape that rut, get off of your “yes, butt.”
Now exert self-control; start crawling from your hole
Exposing all the lies as you pump those thighs.

We’re at the starting gate…let’s learn to meditate.
Whatever is the matter, stop Mad Hatter chatter.
Within that wired riot discover peace and quiet
Without computer code or that pie ala mode:
Do know your limits, don’t limit your “No”s!


Health education and self-examination
The amalgamation of mind-body connection
Personal reflection and witty expression
The articulation of a Psycho-humorist™ mentation.

Don’t stare at your navel, contemplate mind travel
Via synaptic node down a pine-scented road.
Or let sounds of the ocean sing a lullaby potion.
Slowly turn self-censure into dreamy adventure
As old voices inside now drift out with the tide.

And a final thought, as a last resort.
To get seven hours at least sans an Ambien feast
When stress from your head crawls into the bed
As the shadows retreat…now a nightmarish beast.

Despite what you think you’ll need more than a shrink:
Just how do you find – without losing your mind?
Hey, it’s a snap, there must be an app
For a “multi-HYPER-texting ‘n tubeing-always on-Facebooking-
Skype-savvy” exorcist priest?

Closing Chorus:

Relaxation-visualization along with inventive combination
The fun-damental foundation of free-flowing association
Introspective meditation and cutting edge conception
The ingenious inception of Safe Stress ™ intervention.

I’m running out of time; also out of rhyme
So my last dime: embrace the sublime.
When running out of time; also out of rhyme
My one last dime: embrace the sublime!

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