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Updated Childhood Mental Disorders and IllnessesTopic Center

Natalie Staats Reiss, Ph.D. is a licensed Psychologist in the state of Ohio (License #6083). She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from ...Read More

We are pleased to announce that we have revised and updated our Childhood Mental Illness and Disorders topic center. This is a broad survey document designed to introduce you to the diagnostic criteria and treatment options for disorders that typically begin in childhood (some of which may continue on into adulthood).

In this topic center, we cover, in some detail: Mental Retardation, Motor Skills (i.e., movement) Disorders, Learning (e.g., Dyslexia, Reading Disorders) and Communication (e.g., Stuttering) Disorders, Disruptive Behavior Disorders (e.g., Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Feeding and Eating Disorders (e.g., Pica, Rumination Disorder), Tic Disorders, Elimination Disorders (e.g., Bedwetting), Selective Mutism, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Stereotypic Movement Disorder. We also briefly summarize Pervasive Developmental Disorders (e.g., Autism) and ADHD, which have their own separate topic centers.

As the Childhood Mental Illness and Disorders all share in common behavior that is "outside the norm" for a child’s age and developmental stage, it is often helpful to review and understand normal child development (go to access this topic center). Hopefully, reading both documents will provide you with a better idea of when it is appropriate to seek mental health care for a child, as well as standard assessment tools and therapy options for these different disorders.

To view our new Disorders of Childhood topic center go to:

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