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Why Facebook?

Mental health and addictions professionals require tools. For a couple decades, Terry McLeod has been a trailblazer providing those tools in the form of Electronic ...Read More

I guess I just didn’t ask.

That’s a great sin in my business, and probably in my life, and I’m guilty. This publication is available on Facebook when you “friend” Click on the Facebook icon. I never saw the value and never thought to ask what it was, simply because the guys at do a great job, and my site, receives a respectable number of monthly visits (thank you so much!). So, since things are so ducky and I’m always seeking more exposure, I’m asking now, “Why Facebook?”

Recently I stumbled on a reason: Facebook pages can receive more hits than my regular website. This is according to The Social Doctor. Who knew? Evidently my friends at did, and I never asked about it when I saw they’d started a presence on Facebook.

So, businesses have been creating business presences on Facebook for at least a couple years. In 2009, GIGACOM shared how to be effective with this level of marketing. What this means is that over the past two years, businesses have been leveraging this additional way to interact with customers, consumers, professionals and prospects and at the same time, register “hits” on the web, which equates to a more popular web presence, which is good. Hits look good to marketing types, interacting with customers pleases other corporate types who actually know that the customers, consumers and professionals counts, so Facebook for business makes sense on multiple levels.

Not to mention, it’s a nifty way for consumers to have a closer relationship with all my professional peers on

Google has so many features that tell me about me, it’s almost scary. I’ve made my bed, though so I guess I’ll accept that…the problem comes in when that other Terry McLeod comes into the picture that has nothing to do with MindHealthBiz. These days the search engine seems to be doing a better job of weeding that guy out of searches for my site. Another feature is that cool magnifying glass to the left of the search item that pops up a view of the page associated with the link. But wait, there’s more…Google asks if you want to see more of the site, or similar to the site, or sub categories available on that site, like specific posts to a blog. All very cool. As a novice, it’s easy for me to ask “Where’s the link to the Facebook pages in all those listings of me?” The first thing that comes to mind is that a respect for privacy stops that coverage for personal accounts, but what about business pages? Just because I can’t find them in Google doesn’t mean they’re not there. I just didn’t see them.

Although I had a long career in software manufacturing, developing some technical and software expertise, I still had to search “MentalHelpNet Facebook” to discover the link to that place. This tells me that the best way for my business to interact with folks on Facebook is through that little Facebook icon. I think this would take a while to build up any regular traffic to the Facebook business account. I must be missing something. It only makes sense that both the business website and the Facebook business account should come up in the search engine when I enter the business name.

Assuredly, this is a result of user error or neglect on my part.

So, the answer for MindHealthBiz and Terry McLeod is continued research to clear up too many questions about this technology. I will likely find the answers only by starting a business account on Facebook, for which there are directions.

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