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Will’s Five Dynamic Laws of the Universe

Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. is a seasoned clinician with experience working with adults, couples, families, adolescents and older children since 1976. His aim ...Read More

Note: I figure everybody gets to coin at least one law that he or she perceives as a principle operating in the world. Some geniuses coin a veritable constellation of laws and seem able to back them up with elaborate theories, scientific studies and practical experience. Here follows the five dynamic laws that keep arising to my attention over many decades as my eyes, ears and senses have become attuned to perceive and clarify them. I’ve tested each out in my experience of the world and have yet to find any glitches to the contrary. These laws are not about me, or who gets any so-called “credit,” as if that is what matters. These dynamic laws are shared with the pure intent to be of service and contribute. Do you see them, too? Perhaps the following laws will inspire you to notice and share the ones you find.

1. THE DYNAMIC LAW OF GIVING AND RELEASING: What you give, you get more of; what you release and surrender, you get less of. When you give attention, time, space, energy, feelings, emotions, thought, interest, enthusiasm, heartache, importance, interest and activity, you get more of it. When you release and surrender giving attention, time, space, energy, feelings, emotions, thought, enthusiasm, heartache, interest, importance, interest and activity to, you get less of it. How much you like, appreciate and validate, or dislike, don’t appreciate and invalidate, does not affect the operation of this law. The level of intensity, ranging from high intensity (strongly engaged) to low intensity (apathetic or indifferent), respectively magnifies the power of this law exponentially to get more or to get less.

2. THE DYNAMIC LAW OF CONSCIOUSNESS ATTRACTING CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness finds consciousness, that is, immaturity finds immaturity as maturity finds maturity and everything in-between, without any exception. We are each other’s “magic mirror” in reflecting precisely our current developmental level of consciousness. When there is congruence and balance, there is a certain “comfort,” “fit,” “match,” or “belonging” present for both participants, even within unworkable patterns of behavior producing pain, misery and suffering. When incongruence/ imbalances occur, they are resolved by: (1) growth by one or both participants; or (2) regression of one or both participants; or (3) leaving of one or both participants from the association (so that participants stay at a congruent level).

COROLLARY 1: LIFE CONDITIONS EXACTLY MATCH OUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. We attract life conditions that exactly match our level of consciousness moment by moment. For example, every one makes (to the penny) precisely what his or her consciousness thinks and feels he or she deserves to make. When our consciousness transforms to “hold” and “deserve” more or less, we create and manifest this outer reality in order to match our inner consciousness. This corollary applies and governs every thing we interact with in the empirical world, including the quality of our bodies, health, work, love, play, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure.

COROLLARY 2: PEOPLE UNCONSCIOUSLY SELECT AND ATTRACT THE LIFE CONDITIONS THAT EXACTLY MATCH THEIR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. We unconsciously select and attract into our life the people and things that exactly match our present level of consciousness. When our consciousness progressively transforms to a more developed, complex and mature state of being, we then select and attract the people, experiences, opportunities and challenges that befit this new level of consciousness. In the same way, should our consciousness regress to a less developed, complex and mature state, we would again select and attract the best matching people, experiences, opportunities, and challenges that befit this new level of consciousness.

3. THE DYNAMIC LAW OF AFFIRMATIVE SUPPORT IN WHATEVER YOU PROGRAM USING WORD, THOUGHT, FEELING AND ACTION: Fundamentally the universe only knows how to say, “Yes, my darling,” to anything you say, think, feel and do, and quickly brings it directly to you and into your life. Fundamentally the universe does not support nay saying or negation. Like our deep unconscious, the universe only hears the affirmative predicate, whether that be the so-called “problem,” “solution,” or simply “what is.” The universe, or Divinity, expresses and actively supports itself—Life, nonduality, Oneness, Love, Peace and well being for all. Of course, this law operates within the limits of “apparent choice,” neurology, environmental conditioning, operation of the unconscious as well as one’s level of presence.

4. THE DYNAMIC LAW OF ANY BLANKS, UNCERTAINTIES AND INCOMPLETIONS BEING INTERPRETED NEGATIVELY: In life, any blanks, uncertainties and incompletions, whether in speech, thought, feeling, attitude or behavior, are interpreted and filled in with negativity, lack and scarcity, courtesy of the ego-mind’s fear-driven obsession with survival. The universe hates and cannot abide a vacuum, immediately filling it in with whatever is handy and available at that moment, including the worry, anxiety and catastrophizing of our minds. When no opportunity is given the universe and ego-mind, by allowing no vacuums, blanks, uncertainties and incompletions, then it’s back to saying, “Yes, my darling,” and affirmative support of all you program in word, thought, feeling, attitude and action.

5. THE DYNAMIC LAW OF INTUITION—KNOWING WHAT YOU DID NOT THINK YOU KNEW FUNCTIONS AS AN INNER VOICE OF DIVINITY: The accessing and valuing the realm of intuition, that is, knowing what you did not think you knew but in fact do know, functions as an inner voice of divinity. When the ego-mind’s endless thought processes, worry and fear are quieted, the “still small voice” or “gentle whisper” alerts the interested listener to “what is so.” By not listening to the quiet inner voice of intuition, we not only miss out on key opportunities, but also possibly put ourselves and others in harm’s way. To regularly access, listen and value intuition is to partner with the universe and divinity by giving and receiving all the bounty life affords, making Love and one’s gifts manifest in your life and the empirical world.

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