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I'm Afraid I'm Going Crazy


It started before bed when I would get this anxious feeling about dying. Then I started to think about dying all day. After that I would get really angry, no actions followed, but I would just feel really anxious. I feel lonely. I feel like I’m losing it. What should i do?

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To answer question about what you should do, I am urging you to have a consultation with a psychologist. There are two reasons for this: 1. You will be evaluated and diagnosed and, 2. a course of treatment will be recommended. That treatment will include psychotherapy, probably Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is possible that medication will be suggested, depending on the depth of your depression and anxiety.

The types of things you are describing are symptoms of depression and intense anxiety. Part of the anxiety appears to be something related to hypochondria: the fear of being sick and of dying. Any way, all of this usually means that depression and anxiety are going on at the same time. Who knows, perhaps we are talking about an obsessional or obsessvie compulsive disorder? Please know that we cannot diagnose over the Internet because we do not know you. It is possible that other types of things are happening, such as Bipolar Disorder, etc. Only a psychologist who meets you and does an evaluation can make a reliable diagnosis.

Please also be aware that some of what you are describing fits into what we may call, philosophically, “an existential crisis.” Something is causing you to think about death at this time, in addition to diagnostic catergories. Perhaps a loved one died at the age you are at now, or, a loved one recently died, or you have been engaged in some activity that has scared you: drug abuse, unsafe sex and etc. 

The best way to achieve relief from what is troubling you is to go for help now.

Best of Luck 

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  • Anonymous-1

    im 17 years old, ive been sick since i was 13. ive been bullyed and beaten. ive tryed to kill myself meany times before but ive stoped now. im depressed, ive moved schools 6 times. i feel sick all the time i have anziaty and have panick attacks, im lonely and always hungry. i cant get to sleep at night and cant wake up in the morning. i have to clean the house eeveryday. i was pregnant but after deciding to keep my baby, my baby died. i feel so ashamed, i first thought that i just wanted a baby but then later discoverd i wanted my baby back. i feel like im not from the time zone like i need to go back home emidiatly but cant. i get dizzy and stressed. i can sometimes see whats going to happen before it happens, i feel that i shouldnt be righting this that this is just a sham or somethink like your going to track me down i realy hope not. i keep wanting to go home i talk to my self sometimes to the dead but cant hear them. i need helpi no i do but if getting help will effect my futour i dont want it, so please im asking for your help. just before i came to this website i bursted into tears and im very worried for no reson i dont know what came over me but i need help and i know that so please help me now.


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