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I’m a 21 year old female and I’ve been with a wonderful guy for over six months. The problem is, I recently discovered that he enjoys wearing panties and needless to say I was quite shocked about this. He swears to me that he is only interested in women, that he loves me dearly and had wanted to tell me about his panty fetish for a long time but had never worked up the nerve. What I want to know is… is this normal. Do a lot of guys enjoy wearing panties or is he weird. I don’t know why but for some reason the idea of him in sexy women’s panties turns me on. Please help me figure out what to do because I really like this guy

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This one made me smile! I checked with Dr. Dombeck on this one to be sure about what I’ll say here. Your boyfriend probably has what is known as a transvestic fetish (e.g., he’s turned on by wearing women’s clothing). This is not an everyday sort of thing but it isn’t uncommon either. Many men in the world share your boyfriend’s leanings. I heard a story on the radio recently about a British shoe factory that had been in financial trouble that started making women’s shoes in men’s sizes and was suddenly making money again. This could only happen if there were many men who wanted to dress in women’s clothes. It would seem that there is more to the world than meets the eye. Transvestic men are generally heterosexual in orientation (they like women) but for whatever reason they like to wear women’s clothes. They are to the best of my knowledge not any more dangerous or weird than any other sort of person you might meet. There are, to be sure, men who wear women’s clothes because inside they believe they are women, but this wouldn’t seem to apply to your boyfriend. Assuming your boyfriend treats you respectfully and well and that you can accept that he likes to wear women’s’ underwear (as it seems you will as you get comfortable with the information) then I can’t think of any reason you should second-guess your affection for him. I’d be much more concerned that he treats you well than that he likes to wear panties.

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